Glossary of Characters



Indbur I. Removed free elections on Terminus and appointed himself Mayor.

Indbur II. Mayor of Terminus.  Son of Indbur I. First Mayor to succeed by right of birth.

Indbur III. Mayor of Terminus.  Son of Indbur II.  Liked to spend at least two hours a day in the gardens of the Mayor's Palace.

Inchney. Once a Lord on Trantor before The Great Sack who became private slave to Jord Commason on Neotrantor and agent of the Mule.

Ipatiev. Academician of Earth, 2034AD who was libeled by Simon Nimheimer's magnum opus.

Jacobson, Mortimer W.   Young boy who accidentally reprogrammed the LNE prototype robot during a guided tour of US Robots and Mechanical Men.

Jael, Ankor. One-time Minister of Education replaced by Jorane Sutt only to become Minister of Education and Propaganda under Hober Mallow's administration.

Jander.  See Panell.

Jawdun. (Jardin?). Archeologist during the First Galactic Empire.

Jenkins, Harry. Assistant to John Harman.

Jennings. Young student who was working in the Institute for Nuclear Research in Chicago when the accident that led to the "transportation" in time of Joseph Schwartz happened

Jerril. Agent of the Commission of Public Safety who initially investigated Gaal Dornick upon his arrival on Trantor.

John. Research biophysicist who was crippled in a car accident. Friend and teacher of Stephen Byerley.

Jonti, Sander.  (-5924AD) Name used by the Autarch of Lingane.   Betrayed the Rancher of Widemos to the Tyranni. Killed by Tedor Rizzett in 5924AD.

Joranum, Leskim.   (11986-12037GE)  Trantorian who formed and led the Joranumite (democratic) movement.  Christened himself "Jo-Jo" - an affectionate term quickly adopted by his followers - and falsely claimed to have come from Nishaya whereas he actually came from Mycogen sector.  A politician who outwardly fought for social justice and greater political involvement by the people while secretly planned the subversive overthrow of Eto Demerzel and the Trantorian government.  Embraced the slogan "Government belongs to the people".   Although ultimately successful in forcing the resignation of the First Minister he was, ironically, exiled to Nishaya were he spent his last days.

Juddee. Factory worker on Haven during the Mule's siege.

Kalaya, Eban. First Class Shipper to DG Baley on Solarian expedition

Kallner. Major General. Headed the hyperatomic motor development project.

Kallo.  President of the Sayshell Union who signed a declaration of neutrality and statement of friendship with the Mule in 305FE.

Kandar V.  Emperor who constructed a huge island on Alpha and arranged for the last inhabitants of Earth to be transported there.

Kaspalov, Kaspal.   Original member of the Joranumite movement on Trantor.  Handled the ventilation system for the Anemoria Sector.  Murdered by followers of the succeeding Namarti group.

Kendast.  Instructor of Stor Gendibal during his Second Foundation training.

Kendray, A.  Customs officer on the entry station at Comporellon.

Khoratt, Jendippurus.   First suggested the initiation of a fusion reaction during the Trigellian insurrections and, as a result, was hanged by the sailors of his own fleet.

Kleise.  Was the first to detect the tampering by the Second Foundation of First Foundation intellectuals, government officials and business leaders. Worked with Dr Toran Darrell II on the development of encephalography and became a teacher of Pelleas Anthor.

Klemin, Joseph. Local leader of the Medievalist group attended by Jessie Baley.

Klev. Trader pilot from Haven.

Kodell, Liono.  Became Director of Security of the Foundation Federation in 483FE.  Accompanied Harla Branno on her expedition to Sayshell in 498FE.

KrasnetFoundation Technical Sergeant during Golan Trevize's navy tour.

Kwomill. (Kromill?). Archeologist during the First Galactic Empire.



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