Glossary of Characters



Palley, Orum.  Member of the Democratic Underground on Terminus.  Known as "The Fox".

Palver, Joramis (11990GE-)

Palver, Preem.   (309FE-)   Direct descendant of Stettin Palver.  Became the 20th First Speaker in 351FE and conceived the plan that was to convince the Foundation that they could beat a physical enemy and that the Second Foundation was again destroyed. He acted as a Trantorian trading representative of a farming co-operative run by Cosker negotiating trade terms with the Kalganian Department of Agriculture. On Kalgan he helped Arkady Darrell escape to Trantor. He then delivered the message, from Arkady, to Toran Darrell II, that was to convince the Foundation that the Second Foundation was on Terminus. In his Trantorian trader persona he negotiated with the Foundation for his co-operative to deliver twenty shiploads of foodstuffs to Terminus at war prices.  Instigated the "Corps of Observers".

Palver, Stettin.  (12034GE-)  Schooled at Langano University where he studied history.  Joined the psychohistory project after a chance meeting with Hari Seldon at the Imperial Library on Trantor.  As he was an able twister, Seldon employed the young Palver as his bodyguard.  His mentallist abilities were discovered by Wanda Seldon and together they helped put the Encyclopedia Project back on track and formed the basis of the covert Second Foundation.

Pandaral, Genovus. Senior director of Aurora in 4924AD

PandionAuroran household robot belonging to Gladia Solaria.

Panell, R. Jander.  The second humaniform robot built by Dr Hans Fastolfe on Aurora.  Was immobilised by Giskard to prevent Keldon Amadiro learning the details of humaniform robot construction.  This resulted in Dr Fastolfe being accused of the crime, an action later proved to be false by Elijah Baley.

Parma, Jord. A member of the Korellian Secret Police who impersonated an Anacreonian missionary in order to "test" Hober Mallow's observance of Foundation and Korellian law.

Paul, Gerhard. Medievalist activist.

Payne, Miranda.   Wife of Randolph Payne.

Payne, Randolph.   Lived in the town of Hannaford, Viginia, Earth. Allowed robot AL-76 build a battery-powered disinto which destroyed three quarters of Duckbill mountain.

Pelorat, Janov.  (446FE-)  Foundation historian and mythologist and Professor of Ancient History at Terminus University. Became interested in history at the age of 15 and began work on the Origin Question when he was 22.  While at University he majored in Biology.   Pelorat had never been in space until he accompanied Golan Trevize in a search for the Second Foundation and Earth.

Peurifoy. Imperial General who conquered more worlds than any other of the Empire's Generals.

Pherl. Councilor to the Grand Master of Askone who was the first Askonian to purchase Foundation atomic goods.

Pirenne, Lewis. Dr. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Encyclopedia Committee, the original government on Terminus.

Pohang.  High official of the Royal Court of Tyrann.   Arranged to be married to Artemesia Hinriad of Rhodia although the marriage never took place.

Poli.  Housemaid for Toran Darrell II and Arkady at 55 Channel Drive, Stanmark, Terminus. Had an uncle who was killed in the war between the Mule and the Foundation.

Ponyets, Limmar. Trader of the First Foundation. Was trained in the Priesthood and later led a mission to rescue Eskel Gorov from Askone.

Powell, Gregory. Field engineer for US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Prescott. Personnel Director at New York Yeast.

Pritcher, Han.  (257FE-) Born on Loris of Anacreonian parents. Educated at the Academy of Sciences where he majored in hyper-engines.  Joined the Foundation armed forces in 274FE.  Despite being wounded in the line of duty and twice being awarded the Order of Merit for "bravery, above and beyond the call of duty", had a less than exemplary service record in the Foundation's Ministry of Information although he attained the rank of Captain.   Secretly became a section leader in the Democratic Underground on Terminus.   Was the first member of the Foundation to realise the danger posed by the Mule.   Accompanied Toran and Bayta Darrell to Terminus after "abducting" Magnifico and was sentenced to death.  Escaped before the Mule captured the Foundation.  Assumed the persona of Lo Moro before he unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate the Mule in the Mayor's Palace.  He was then converted by the Mule and promoted to the rank of Colonel.  Led a total of six expeditions on behalf of the Mule to find the Second Foundation.  During this time he eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant General.  On the sixth expedition he was led to Rossem by Bail Channis but never found the Second Foundation. Succeeded the Mule in 307FE before instigating an unsuccessful siege on the Foundation.

Quell, Jonathon.   Reported the loss of robot AL-76 on Earth.

Quemot, Anselm. Dr. The only sociologist on Solaria. Owned an estate of 950 square miles. Believed that the Solarian/robot relationship was akin to the ancient Earth Spartiate/Helot relationship.   Regular chess partner of Rikaine Delmarre before he was murdered.

Quinber.  Corporal of the Joranum Guard in Wye Sector on Trantor.

Quinn, Francis. Opposition candidate to Stephen Byerley in the mayoralty campaign of New York. Conducted a campaign to "prove" Byerley a robot.

Quintana, Sophia. Global Undersecretary of Energy on Earth. Majored in Energetics at the University of California where she obtained a masters degree.

Quintesetz, Sotayn.   Although originating from Askone, became Professor of History at Sayshell University.  Assisted Golan Trevize and Janov Pelorat in their search for Earth.



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