Glossary of Characters



DagobertCrown Prince and son of Dagobert IX.   Killed by the Mule on Neotrantor.

Dagobert IX.  One of the last Emperors of the Galactic Empire.  Fled The Great Sack with his father in 260FE.  Gave permission for Ebling Mis to use the facilities of the University of Trantor.

Daluben IV.  Emperor during the time of the Seldon Trial on Trantor.

Dam, Olynthus.  School friend of Arkady Darell who donated his home-built sound receiver that Arkady used to spy on the meeting of her father, Toran Darrell II and Pelleas Anthor.

Daneel. See Olivaw.

Darrel.   Son of Gladia and Santirix Gremionis.

Darrell, Arcadia. Great grandmother of Arkady Darrell.

Darrell Arkady. (362-443FE) Born on Trantor. Grand-daughter of Bayta Darrell. Originally christened Arcadia after her great grandmother. During her early childhood on Trantor she was adjusted by the Second Foundation. In 376FE she overheard a meeting of her father's which resulted in her stowing away aboard the cruiser of Homir Munn on route to Kalgan. After amorous advances of Stettin she fled for Trantor with the help of Preem Palver and Callia. After the Stettinian War she returned home to Terminus. She and her father were honoured for their part in "defeating" the Second Foundation. Became one of the foremost romantic novelists of the Foundation. Most famous for her autobiography of Bayta Darrell. Other novels include "Unkeyed Memories" and "Time and Time and Over" a stirring reflection of the brilliant Kalganian society of the early Interregnum, based, it is said, on her visit to Kalgan when she was fourteen.

Darrell, Bayta. (276FE-) Born on Terminus a direct descendant of Hober Mallow.  Became a member of the Democratic Underground. Married Toran Darrell.  "Rescued" the Mule, in the guise of Magnifico, from Kalgan.   Was arrested and questioned on her return to Terminus.  Escaped to Haven before the Foundation was defeated by the Mule.  Did war-work in the factories of Haven.  Fled Haven with Toran to assist Ebling Mis in his search for the Second Foundation.  Eventually killed Ebling Mis rather than let him reveal the location of the Second Foundation. Stayed on Trantor until 307FE.

Darrell, Franssart.  (240FE-)   Foundation Trader.  Lost an arm in 294FE after his spaceship crash landed on Haven.  Father of Toran.  Was an official delegate of Haven at the Trader Assembly on Radole.

Darrell, Toran. Born on Haven. Son of Franssart, nephew of Randu.  Married Bayta of the Foundation. Stayed on Trantor until 307FE.

Darrell, Toran II. (334FE-) Son of Toran and Bayta Darrell and father of Arkady Darrell. Followed in his parents' footsteps by visiting Trantor in order to search for the Second Foundation.   After returning to Terminus in 365FE, he began a five-year collaboration with Kleise at the University of Santanni. Considered to be the best electroneurologist of his time. During the Stettinian War was offered the role of Administrator of Research and Development by the Mayor of Terminus. Together with Elvett Semic developed the Mind Static device which eventually led to the exile of fifty Second Foundationers from Terminus. Along with his daughter, Arkady, was honoured for his part in "defeating" the Second Foundation.

Delarmi, Delora.   Speaker of the Second Foundation c498FE.  A strong character at the Table and always considered herself to be the natural successor to Quindor Shandess.  However, due to his successful resolution of the matter of Golan Trevize, Stor Gendibal was eventually appointed as First Speaker.

DebretAuroran robot owned by Vasilia Aliena.

Delmarre, Gladia. (4689AD-) on Solaria. Married Rikaine Delmarre. Became a renown Field Colourist - a form of abstract art.  Murdered her husband in 4722AD in a fit of rage, although she escaped punishment for the crime thanks to the efforts of Elijah Baley. Emigrated to Aurora in 4724AD. On Aurora she changed her name to Gladia Solaria and was befriended by Hans Fastolfe who loaned her the humaniform robot Jander Panell.  Gladia became so attached to Jander that she believed him to be her husband.  When Jander ceased functioning she again encountered Elijah Baley with whom she had a brief intimate relation.  Married Santirix Gremionis. Had a son, Darrel, by Santirix. By 4924 she had a titanium-silicone hip socket, an artificial thumb and had had many nerves rewired. Famous for her robotic exodesign work on Aurora. Accompanied the settler D.G. Baley to Solaria and Baleyworld. Embarked upon a mission to bring Spacer and Earthmen/Settlers together, during which time she visited Earth.

Delmarre, Rikaine.  (-4722AD)   Husband of Gladia. Solarian foetologist who was often described as a "good Solarian". Regular chess partner of Anselmo Quemot. A member of a Traditionalist group on Solaria. Murdered by his wife in 4722AD. 

Demachek, Lavinia.  (4679AD-)  Undersecretary of the Terrestrial Department of Justice. c4724.

Demen. Sgt. Watch-Sergeant aboard the Far Star. Confined to quarters and relieved of all supervisory duties for a week by Hober Mallow for allowing a Foundation missionary to enter the Far Star while on Korell.

Demerzel, Eto.  Name used by Daneel Olivaw during his tenure as Imperial First Minister.  See Olivaw.

Deniador, Vasil.   Comporellon historian who provided Golan Trevize with the coordinates of three worlds taken from an ancient space vehicle and reported to be the location of three worlds settled during mankind's first wave of space exploration.  The coordinates turned out to be those of Aurora, Solaria and Melpomenia.

Devellow, Hor. Fabled character who stepped into his house one day and never came out - and wasn't inside.

Devers, Lathan. (-220FE)  Trader captured and questioned by Bel Riose before the attack on the First Foundation. Later escaped with Ducem Barr after six months of captivity. Decorated by the First Foundation for his part in winning the "war" against the Empire. Died in the slave mines in 220FE.

Dickens, Charles John Huffam.   (1812-70AD).  Ancient Earth novelist some of whose work, e.g. "Oliver Twist" and "Bleak House", exposed social evils.  Created many humourous characters as, for example, those in "Pickwick Papers".  Sometimes wrote under the pseudonym "Boz".

Dirige. Orum. Son of a Foundationer on Terminus who was bought to Kalgan in the service of the Mule. Became a lieutenant of the First Citizen's Police on Kalgan who was "bribed" by Preem Palver to allow Arkady Darrell to leave Kalgan. Believed himself to be loyal to the Foundation but was actually controlled by the Second Foundation.

Dixyl.  Captain of the Foundation Third Fleet during the Stettinian War.

Dom.  See Endomandiovizamarondeyaso

Donovan, Michael. Field engineer for US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Dornick, Gaal. Biographer of Hari Seldon. Born on Synnax. Wrote his dissertation on the mechanics of meteor driftage. Obtained his doctorate in mathematics in 12067GE and invited to join Seldon on the Seldon Project. Carried the crises tapes recorded by Hari Seldon to Terminus and oversaw their installation in the Time Vault.  Finally emigrated permanently to Terminus after Seldon died. Seldon's personal Prime Radiant was bequeathed to him and shipped after Seldon's death..

Dors. See Venabili.

Dorwin, Lord. Chancellor of the Empire. Visited Terminus before the delivery of the Anacreonian ultimatum to provide worthless assurances of Imperial support to the fledgling Foundation.

Drawt. Snr Lt. Senior Lieutenant aboard the Far Star. Took temporary command when Hober Mallow visited Siwenna.

Dubanqua, Manella.    Member of the Trantorian Security Forces who was working covertly as a female "escort" in the Wye sector of Trantor when she met Raych Seldon.  Successfully thwarted the assassination attempt on the life of Hari Seldon in 12038GE by killing Gleb Andorin.  In 12038GE Manella resigned from the security forces and went to work on the psychohistory project.  A year later she married Raych and they had two children Wanda and Bellis.   Emigrated to Santanni with Raych and Bellis in 12059GE.  She then had to flee Santanni with Bellis when the government fell.  She was bound for Anacreon on board the Arcadia VII but the ship never arrived.

Edard. Emperor who succeeded Stannell II.

Elar, Tamwile.  (12002-12048GE)  Recruited into the Psychohistory Project by Hari Seldon as a Senior Mathematician in 120036GE while working for the West Mandanov University.  Seldon said of him, "his techniques for avoiding chaos where unique and fascinating."  Developed the "achaotic" equations necessary to use psychohistory as a tool of prediction.   Was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate Hari Seldon.  Was killed by Dors Venabili after he discovered her robotic nature, but not before inflicting fatal damage to her positronic brain with the electro-clarifier.

Eldridge, Otis. Founder of the Twentieth Century Evangelical Society who actively opposed the first flight of Harman and the Prometheus. Later formed the League of the Righteous with a membership of over 20,000,000 in the USA alone.

Endelecki, Mian.   Biophysicist who unsuccessfully worked on locating Wanda Seldon's genome.  The work was sponsored by Hari Seldon in order to locate the genome peculiar to mentalists.

Enderby, Julius. Commissioner of Police, City of New York. Attended the City School of Administrative Studies with Elijah Baley. Medievalist who murdered Dr Sarton in Spacetown after mistaking him for the humaniform robot R. Daneel. Enderby also caused the deactivation of the robot R. Sammy with an alpha-sprayer in order to implicate Elijah Baley and prevent him from discovering the truth.

Endomandiovizamarondeyaso... [first 12 of 253 syllables] (405FE-)  Member of Gaia. Known simply as Dom.

Ennius, Lord. (787GE-) in the Sirius Sector. Appointed Procurator of Earth in 827GE.

Erlking, Miss.  Teacher of Arkady Darrell in Terminus. 376FE

Ernott. See Second.

Esbak.  Superintendent of the University of Earth, 5924AD

Evans, Sam. Field engineer for US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.



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