Glossary of Characters



Aburanis.  Emperor responsible for the laws known as "Law Codes of Aburanis" which included forbidding the denigration of public officers of the Empire.

Acarnio, Tryma.   Succeeded Las Zenow as Chief Librarian of the Imperial Library on Trantor.

Agis VI.  (c9000GE)   Emperor who ruled for 42 years and kept order in a prosperous Empire with a firm but non-tyrannical hand.  He was also known for failing to control the news function of the Imperial Library.

Agis XIV.  Emperor who came to the throne after the fall of the military junta in 12058GE  Third cousin, on his mother's side, to Cleon I.  Liked to be called the "Citizen Emperor" and befriended Hari Seldon although failed to use his meagre resources to assist the Psychohistory Project.

Aliena, Vasilia. Dr. (4675AD-) Born on Aurora. Daughter of Hans Fastolfe. Against popular custom, Vasilia was raised by Fastolfe himself until she was 30. A fact she believed led to a stunted emotional growth.  While living with Fastolfe she developed her robotics skills and often practiced by reprogramming the robot R. Giskard. She parted acrimoniously from her father and worked as a roboticist at the Institute of Robotics on Aurora, becoming a member of the Globalist movement. Unsuccessfully attempted to regain control of R. Giskard after deducing the secret of the robot's mind-adjusting abilities and realising that those abilities were a direct result of her own programming efforts.

Alurin, Bor. (12024GE)  The third mentallist found by Hari Seldon and the only one to move to Terminus after its founding.  Teacher of Psychology on Terminus. The only first-class psychologist among the original Terminus settlers. His most famous student was Salvor Hardin.

Amadiro, Keldon. Dr. (4638AD-)   Founding head of the Institute of Robotics on Aurora. Leader of the Auroran Globalist movement. One time student of Hans Fastolfe.  Attempted to subvert the investigation by Elijah Baley  into the mental freeze-out of Jander Panell in order to force the secrets of humaniform robot design from Fastolfe.  Secrets he covertly tried to obtain himself during interviews with Jander Panell. Together with Mandamus devised and executed a plan to make Earth radioactive in 4924AD.

Amann, Dr. Foundation college teacher of Bayta and Toran Darrell.

Amaryl, Yugo.  (11999-12054GE) Former heatsinker, at Heatsink C-3, in the Dahl sector of Trantor before Hari Seldon, who first met Amaryl during his Flight across Trantor, recognised his mathematical skills and recruited him to work on psychohistory.   Amaryl soon proved his worth by developing the Prime Radiant; an indispensable tool in the development of psychohistory.  Was a constant in the development of psychohistory as Seldon struggled with his terms as First Minister and University department head.  Yugo was the first to suggest the formation of two foundations to guide the reconstruction of the greater Empire.  Died after a short illness.

Ammenetik. Great-grandfather of Cleon II. Known as Ammenetik the Great.

Andorin, Gleb.  Nephew of Mayer Rashelle of Wye Sector on Trantor.   Became a supporter of the Joranumite movement led by Namarti.   Attempted the assassination of Hari Seldon in 12038GE but was killed by Manella Dubanqua.

Andrev, Edgar. Secretary General and Chief Executive of Earth during the time of Gladia Solaria's visit.

Andros.  Major in the Outer Police of Tyrann.  Reported the arrival of Biron Farrill to Hinrik V.  Acted as military aide to Simok Aratap.

Anthor, Pelleas.   (347FE-)  Member of the Second Foundation who was instrumental in convincing the Foundation, in 378FE, that they could beat a physical enemy again and had wiped out the Second Foundation.  As part of this plan he became a student of Kleise and used this to gain the confidence of Toran Darrell II. After initially trying to convince the Foundation that the Second Foundation was located on Kalgan he succumbed to the newly-developed Mind Static device and was eventually exiled to Zoranel.

Aporat, Theo. High-ranking priest of Anacreon who attended the flagship of the Anacreonian Navy, Wienis.

Aratap, SimokTyrannian commissioner on Rhodia

Argo, Asper. Commdor of Korell. Known by Korellians as Asper, the Well-Beloved. Son-in-law of the Emperor's Admiral.

Argo, Licia.  Commdora of Korell.   The daughter of the viceroy of Siwenna who married Asper as part of the viceroy's plan to create a new empire in the Periphery.

Artemesia.  Born on Rhodia the daughter of Hinrik V.  Married Biron Farrill, 5924AD.

Arvarden, Bel. (792GE-)  Born on Baronn, Sirius. Became the youngest person, at 23, to graduate as Senior Archaeologist at the University of Arcturus. He was also the first person to have his Senior Dissertation, entitled "On the Antiquity of Artifacts in the Sirius Sector with Considerations of the Application Thereof to the Radiation Hypothesis of Human Origin", rejected for print by the Journal of the Galactic Archaeological Society. Became Senior Research Associate at the Imperial Archaeological Institute who led an expedition to Earth in 827GE. Although the expedition was fruitless, Arvarden assisted in averting the destruction of the Galaxy by Earth Zealots. He later became a naturalised citizen of Earth and married Pola Shekt.

Ashe, Milton. (1986AD-). Youngest officer of US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Askone, Grand Master of.  Title of the elected ruler of Askone.

Attlebish, Corwin.  Chief aide to Hannis Gruer.  Appointed acting Head of Security after the poisoning of Hannis Gruer. Unsuccessfully attempted to have Elijah Baley removed from the Rikaine Delmarre murder investigation.

Avakim, Lors. Represented Gaal Dornick during the Seldon Trial.



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