Glossary of Characters



FaberAuroran household robot owned by Hans Fastolfe.

Fallom.  (485FE-) Born on Solaria.   Successor to Sarton Bander but, after Bander's death, was taken by Bliss to R Daneel in order that he may make use of the greater capacity of its long-lived brain.

Fanya.  One time marital partner of Hans Fastolfe.

Fara, Jord. Dr. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Encyclopedia Committee. Was the first to suggest that Hari Seldon's time vault on Terminus might hold the answer to the first Seldon Crisis.

Farrill, Biron. (5901AD-) Born on Nephelos the son of the Rancher of Widemos. Educated at the University of Earth where he survived a radiation bomb planted in his dormitory by Sander Jonti two weeks before his graduation.  Became Rancher himself when his father was executed by the Tyranni although he was never allowed to take up the post by the Tyranni.  Fled to Rhodia where he escaped arrest by stealing the personal cruiser of Simok Aratap.  With Gilbret and Artemesia he attempted to find a "rebellion world" accidentally stumbled on by Gilbret only to find that it was actually located on Rhodia.  Married Artemesia, 5924AD. Exiled to Rhodia.

Faroul. Procurator of Earth before Lord Ennius.

Fastolfe, Hans Dr. (4551AD-) Born on Aurora. Described as "Aurora's greatest theoretical roboticist". In 4698AD, Fastolfe developed "intersectional analysis" which made it possible to design brains for humaniform robots and, together with Dr Roj Sarton created the humaniform robot; the first of which was R. Daneel Olivaw. The purpose of the humaniform robot was as an experimental device to further understand the workings of the human brain.  He also developed the robot R. Giskard Reventlov whom he considered his "majordomo". Was placed in charge of the Sarton murder inquiry in Spacetown.  Became the leader of the Humanist party on Aurora. In 4724AD he was accused of immobilising his second humaniform robot R. Jander Panell.  He successfully maneuvered the Auroran government to allow Elijah Baley to investigate the case.  The result of the investigation resulted in Fastolfe's absolution.   Fastolfe insisted the Jander had been the victim of a robotic mental freeze-out although his adversaries maintained that the chances of such an event were in the order of 1:100,000.  Fastolfe was the first human known to be interested in creating the science of psychohistory.  An idea known to have been mentally suggested to him by Giskard.  Fastolfe had two daughters.  The first, Lumen, became a leading politician of the Globalist movement of Aurora.  The second, Vasilia Aliena, a roboticist.

Flavella.  One time housemate of Golan Trevize.

Flora. Wife of Lord Ennius.

Forell, Sennett. Trader of the First Foundation and illegitimate son of Hober Mallow whose Trade Fleet captured an Imperial scout ship, the Starlet.

Franken I.  First Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

Fulham, Yate. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Encyclopedia Committee.

Galle, Johann.   Discovered the planet Neptune in 1846AD

Garre. Member of the Democratic Underground on Terminus, converted by the Mule.

GatisComporellon customs official.

Gendibal, Stor.  (468FE-) Gendibal was recruited by the Second Foundation when he was 10 years old and entered Trantor's Galactic University at 15.  After becoming a Speaker, Gendibal was the first to realise the importance of Golan Trevize, after being made aware of him by Munn Li Compor,  and a world of "Anti-Mules" on Gaia developing a Micro Psychohistory. Lived at Speaker's House, Apartment 27.  Gendibal was impeached by the Table in 498FE by a vote of 10 to 1 although the impeachment was later dropped after Gendibal advanced his "Anti-Mule" theory. He was maneuvered to Gaia with the assistance of Suri Novi along with Golan Trevize and Harla Branno where he was involved in Trevize's decision in selecting Galaxia as the future of the Galaxy.  He returned to Trantor believing he was responsible for the Foundation-Sayshell treaty.  Upon his return, Gendibal became First Speaker.

Gennerat, Liebel.   c11000GE formulated Gennerat's law which states: "The falsely dramatic drives out the truly dull".

Gerrigel. Anthony. Dr. Earth roboticist from Washington who assisted Elijah Baley in the case of Dr Sarton's murder. Author of "Handbook of Robotics".

Gianni, Lestim.  Speaker of the Second Foundation c498FE.

Gilbret.  Cousin of Hinrik V.  Despite the Tyrannian ban on scientific research within the Nebula Kingdoms invented the original VisiSonar which was later used by the Mule to such devastating effect. Was aboard the Bloodsucker returning from Tyrann when it was hit by a meteor.  Fled Rhodia with Biron Farrill aboard the Remorseless which he unsuccessfully tried to sabotage. Died as a result of the use of the whip at the hands of Farrill.

Gillid, Doris. Member of the New York Police Department

Gilmer. Led The Great Sack against the Emperor on Trantor. Eventually overthrew Dagobert IX.

Giskard. See Reventlov

Gladia. See Delmarre.

Gleen. Archeologist during the First Galactic Empire.

Godhisavatta, Namarath.   Head of Customs, Sayshell Planet.  Appointed 496FE.

Goodfellow, Barnabas H.   Professor of Physics at Northeastern University on Earth, 2034AD.

Gorm, Les. Trader of the First Foundation.

Gorov, Eskel. Master Trader of the First Foundation by deceit, but actually an agent of the First Foundation, who was imprisoned by Askone for attempting to sell forbidden atomic goods.

Greely, Josephine. Friend of Jessie Baley.

Gremionis, Santirix. (4689AD-) Born on Aurora.  Became a hair stylist and clothes designer for members of the Robotics Institute of Aurora and befriended and later married Gladia Delmarre after Elijah Baley left Aurora.

Grew. Father of Loa Maren who was crippled and allowed to live past his "sixty" by his daughter and son-in-law.

Gri, Ovall. Foundation trader from Mnemon.

Gruer, Hannis. Head of Solarian security, 4722AD. Requested to services of Earthman Elijah Baley to assist in the  investigation of the murder of Rikaine Delmarre. Poisoned by Jothan Leebig to prevent him from discovering his plans for Galactic domination but later recovered.

Gruber, Mandell.   (11988-12038GE)  Born on Anacreon but emigrated to Trantor, in 12008GE, to tend the Imperial Palace Gardens as Gardener First Class.  Was appointed Chief Gardener by Emperor Cleon I, an appointed that so disturbed Gruber, due to its removing him from his beloved gardens, he assassinated Cleon.  Gruber was instantly executed without trial.

Grun. Crew member aboard the Far Star.



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