Glossary of Characters



Hallblock.  Galactic chronologer.

Hanford. Author of "History of Robotics".

HannisFoundation politician whose career was destroyed in 497FE over the location of the Foundation capitol.  Hannis believed that the capital should be moved closer to the centre of the Foundation Federation.

Hanto.  Member of the First Citizen's Police on Kalgan.

Hardin, Salvor. (8FE-) First Mayor of Terminus City. Famous for several quotations, including:

Set up the Priesthood to control the Four Kingdoms and eventually forced them to sign non-aggression treaties with the First Foundation. Survived two Seldon Crises and was the only person to be in attendance at two appearances of Hari Seldon in the Time Vault.

Harman, John. Designed, built and tested the first space vehicle. Suffered only superficial cuts and bruises after the explosion of the Prometheus.

Hart, Francis J.   Head of the Department of English and Dean of Graduate Studies at Northeastern University on Earth, 2034AD

Hart, Porfirat. Section Leader of the Democratic Underground on Terminus.

Hedd, Horace.  Believed to be the first man to explore the Horsehead Nebula.

Hella. Factory worker on Haven during the Mule's siege.

Herschel, William.   Discovery of the planet Uranus in 1781AD.

High Minister. Ruler of Earth by definite decree of the Emperor subject to the orders or the Emperor's Procurator. Resides in the College of Ancients in Washenn.

Hinrik V.  Director of Rhodia. Held the largest library of Earthiana outside of Earth itself.  Secretly organised a rebellion against the Tyranni.

HirokoAlphan who infected Golan Trevize with a dormant virus.

Holk, Muller. Member of the Division of Logic on Terminus who prepared an analysis of the treaty between the Empire and Anacreon, the Anacreonian ultimatum and the assurances of Lord Dorwin.

Horder, Rutilan.   (4393AD-) Chairman of the Auroran Legislature during the Jander Panell affair (4724AD) when he was into his second thirty year term. (See Auroran politics)  He was considered an efficient Chairman who worked hard to get results.

Hso-lin, Ching. Eastern Region Vice-Co-ordinater based in Shanghai, 2052.

Hummin, Chetter.

Huxlani. Qualified as Technician, First Class at the Central School on Anacreon and served in the Foundation fleet for 18 years before the Mule overthrew the Foundation.  He was converted by the Mule and became Chief Engineer serving aboard the ship carrying Han Pritcher and Bail Channis on the sixth expedition in search of the Second Foundation.



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