Glossary of Worlds



Trantor. Capitol world of the Galactic Empire. Home of the Emperor. Once known as the "Glory of the Galaxy".  Administrative centre of the Empire. Land area of 75,000,000 square miles and was entirely covered by metal with the exception of the Emperor's Palace.   c10000GE domes were constructed covering the entire planet, again with the exception of the Palace. Population at its height was  45,000,000,000.  This figure was set by law. 

Trantor, at its height, consisted of over 800 sectors including Imperial, Dahl, Wye, Mycogen, Anemoria, Millimaru, Mandanov, Ery.

Hari Seldon established the second of his two Foundations on Trantor, which he described, poetically, as Star's End.   With their mentallic abilities the Second Foundation was able to preserve themselves as Trantor and the First Galactic Empire crumbled about them.  After the fall of the Galactic Empire and the resulting de-metallisation of the surface, the local non-Second Foundation inhabitants re-christened the world Hame.


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