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(c)1997 Slawek WojtowiczTerminus. The only planet of an isolated sun at the fringe of the Galactic spiral to which the Seldon Project was exiled in order to work upon the Encyclopedia Galactica. Located 50,000 parsecs from Trantor, between Anacreon (50 light years away) and Smyrno, it is described as a planet poor in resources, particularly mineral resources, and of negligible economic value.  A mild planet with a high water/land ratio. Terminus holds the distinction of being the furthest inhabited planet from the central black hole.  Terminus is an ancient word meaning "the end of the line".  Consists of 10,000 inhabited islands only one of which is large enough to be considered a continent, the one that contains Terminus City, the capitol. It remained unsettled for five centuries after its discovery until it became the birthplace of the Encyclopedia Foundation Number One or, as it became known, the First Foundation. Home of the Encyclopedia Galactica Publishing Co.

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