Glossary of Worlds



Radole. One of the 27 Independent Trading Worlds on 300FE when it hosted the Assembly of Trading Worlds.  Known as a ribbon world because of its narrow, world-circling, inhabitable region.  Local newspaper is the Radole Tribune.

Red Corridor, The.  Location of sparsely settled worlds involved in a long, wrangling dispute c80FE.

Rhampora.  World famous for its oysters.

Rhodia.  1098th world settled by Man orbiting a star of spectral class F-8. Largest of the Trans-Nebular Kingdoms; 35 light years from Lingane.  Ruled by a Director.

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Rigel. Developed a robotic culture which pacified the inhabitants such that they were easy prey for the War Lord, Moray.

(c)1997 Sid MoyeRossem.  World once used as a political prison for the Galactic Empire, which also held a small naval garrison and an observatory.  Rossem is a cold, barren and sparsely populated world.   Taken over by Tazenda after the Galactic Empire fell

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Salinn. Member of the Foundation on the frontier between the Foundation and Kalganian territory.  Was the first world to be aware of the Mule's advance on the Foundation.

Salvan.  World famous for the gecko.

Santanni. 9,000 parsecs from Trantor and 800 parsecs from Locris. Attempted a break with the Empire in 12058GE when a provisional party seized control of the government.   Exporter of metal to Terminus.   Although captured by Kalgan in the early stages of the Stettinian War was instrumental in breaking the siege on the Foundation in 308FE by delivering food shipments.

Sarip.  World close to Anacreon.

SaturnSaturn.  Large gas giant in orbit about the star Sol.  Conspicuous by it's bright, large ring system.


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Sayshell.  Capital world of the 86 populated planetary systems of the Sayshell Union, fourth in orbit about it's star, 10,000 parsecs from Terminus.  When it was a member of the First Empire, its Viceroy launched an expedition to conquer Gaia but the expedition was broken and few ships returned.   One hundred years later, under its own leadership, Sayshell again attempted the conquest of Gaia with no better luck than the previous attempt.  Signed a declaration of neutrality and statement of friendship with the Mule in 305FE.  Formed many myths and legends about the invulnerability of Gaia assigning many colourful appellations including "the little brother of the five sisters", "the pentagon's centre", "0 pentagon" and "unrequited love".

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Sirius. Star in the Sirius Sector believed, by late Galactic archeologists, to be the location of the origin of the human species. In the 9th century of the Galactic Era a planet orbiting Sirius was one of the ten most populous planets in the Galaxy.

Siwenna. Home of Onum Barr. Once capital of the Normannic Sector of the old Empire. Rebelled against the Empire but was retaken in 200FE by Bel Riose. Joined the First Foundation after the "war" between the Empire and the First Foundation.

Smitheus.  One of the fifty Spacer worlds.


(c)1997 Marco PatritoSmyrno. Planet on the Periphery. Fought a small war with Anacreon after proclaiming itself a kingdom. Located 50 parsecs from Terminus.

Sol.  G-0 star in the Sirius Sector about which all life developed on the planet Earth.   Has a planetary system of 10 bodies.

Solaria. The last of the Spacer world to be settled - and the first to die. Settled in 4422AD from the neighbouring  world of Nexon; originally as summer homes for Nexonians. The outermost of three worlds with a diameter of 9,500 miles and 30,000,000 square miles of fertile land. Became independent in 4522AD. Population 20,000. Had a robot/human ratio of approximately 10,000/1. Ruled by a Regent.  Was renowned amongst the other Spacer worlds for it's variety and excellence of robot models exporting specialised robots to all the other Spacer worlds. It also boasted a delicacy known as Pachinkas.  In c4920AD, Solaria withdrew completely from the affairs of the Galaxy and over a period of tens of thousands of years evolved into a race of hermaphrodites and reduced its population to a mere 1200.  Solarians also evolved small transducer lobes, about the size of a hen's egg, which are activated by the flow of heat.  They could be used to control objects, at a distance, by thought.  A process known as mental transduction.

Places of interest.

Star's End.  The location, cited by Hari Seldon, as the home of the Second Foundation.  Known to Second Foundationers as Section 33A2D17 because of the part of the Prime Radiant that describes its formation and purpose.  See Trantor


Synnax. At the edges of the Blue Drift. Birthplace of Gaal Dornick.



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