Glossary of Characters



Baker, Jim.  Instructor at   Northeastern University on Earth who collaborated with Simon Ninheimer on "Social Tensions Involved in Space-Flight and Their Resolution", 2034AD

Baley, Bentley. (4705AD-) Son of Elijah Baley. Led the second wave of Human expansion from Earth by founding Baleyworld in 4728AD. Had two sons; Daneel and Giskard.

Baley, Daneel Giskard. Known as DG Baley. Seventh generation descendant of Elijah Baley. Attempted to set up a trade of Solarian robots to other Spacer worlds.

Baley, Elijah. (4679-4762AD) Born on Earth, the son of a nuclear physicist. Youngest of three children. Attended the City School of Administrative Studies with Julius Enderby. Plainclothesman C-5 with the New York police department. Solved the murder of Dr. Sarton in Spacetown. Promoted to C-6 rating. Visited Solaria at the request of the Solarian authorities in order to solve the murder of Rikaine Delmarre.  After successfully solving the murder was promoted to C-7 rating. In 4724AD he was requested by Aurora to determine the events surrounding the immobilisation of the humaniform robot R. Jander Panell. As a result he became the first Earthman to set foot on Aurora since the period of original settlement was completed.  Became known as the Ancestor after the founding of Baleyworld.

Baley, Jezebel (Jessie). nee Navodny. Wife of Elijah Baley and mother of Bentley. Became known as the Ancestress after the founding of Baleyworld although she never left Earth.

Balkis. Secretary to the High Minister or Earth. Member of the Society of Ancients. Conceived a plan to destroy the Galaxy with biological weapons. The Plan was ultimately foiled by Bel Arvarden, Affret and Pola Shekt and Joseph Schwartz. Balkis died a madman while in custody at Fort Dibburn in Chica, 827GE.

Bander, Sarton.  One of the new hermaphroditic humans who evolved on Solaria after its isolation from the rest of the Galaxy.  Bander was inadvertently killed by Bliss when she visted Solaria in 499FE with Golan Trevize and Janov Pelorat .

Barr, Ducem. (140FE-) Son of Onum Barr of Siwenna. Was responsible for the death of the Viceroy of Siwenna in revenge for the murder of his brother and the suicide of his sister. Gave Bel Riose useful information in his search for "The Magicians".

Barr, Onum. Born on Siwenna and Patrician of the Empire. Helped overthrow Wiscard, but had five of his six sons killed and his daughter disappeared in the ensuing violence. His sixth son was Ducem, who met with the Imperial General, Bel Riose.

Barrett, Vince. Lost his job in the New York Police Department to robot R. Sammy. After losing the associated rating could only secure employment in the delivery trade of the yeast farms.

Belmont, Claire.   Wife of Lawrence Belmont who assisted in the field testing of the TN-series robots.

Belmont, Lawrence.   Associate Engineer of US Robots and Mechanical Men and husband of Claire Belmont.  Arranged the supervised legal tests of the TN-series robots.

Benjoam, Kol.  Became the 21st First Speaker of the Second Foundation when he was only 29 years old.   Generally accepted to be the greatest psychohistorical theorist since Hari Seldon.

Bik.  Solarian child who attempted to kill Elijah Baley with a poisoned arrow because he was an "Earthman".

Bindris, Terep.   Financial benefactor of the original Encyclopedia Project.

Bistervan, Tomas. Leading warhawk and part of the Earth Supremacists on Baleyworld. Known as Old Man Bistervan.

Black, Gerald. Obtained a degree in etheric physics in 2036 and joined the hyperatomic motor development project on Hyper Base were he was inadvertently responsible for the loss of an NS robot. Later successfully solved the problem of the non-functioning robot during the first test of the hyperspatial jump on H937.

Bler. Teacher at the University of Trantor.

Bliss.  See Blissenobiarella.

Blissenobiarella.   (475FE-)  Member of Gaia.   Met Golan Trevize in the vicinity of Gaia and acted as the conduit for him to decide on the future of the Galaxy.  Later accompanied Trevize during his search for Earth with Janov Pelorat.  Was responsible for the death of Sarton Bander on Solaria but rescued the hermaphroditic Solarian child, Fallom.

Bogert, Peter. Mathematical Director of US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. Became acting Director of Research in 2037. Later became full Director of Research.

BorgrafAuroran household robot owned by Gladia Solaria.

Boris. Uncle, on his mother's side, of Elijah Baley. Raised Baley for two years after his father died until he, himself, was killed after falling under the treads of a transport at the yeast farm where he worked.

Bort, Lewis. Member of the Action Party. Second in command to Sef Sermak.

Branno, Harla.  (436FE-)   Once served as Ambassador to Mandress.  Became Mayor of Terminus, and the fifth female to hold the post, in 493FE.  Known as "Branno the Bronze" because she acted with metallic rigour.  In 498FE she accused Golan Trevize of treason and arrested and exiled him.  Branno's hope was that Trevize would lead her to the Second Foundation.  After following Trevize to Gaia she was unwittingly maneuvered into signing a commercial treaty with Sayshell and abandoning her dreams of defeating the Second Foundation and establishing a New Galactic empire.

Brodrig, Lord Ammel. Was once a brutal tax-collector for the Empire who killed, on one world, every tenth male for failure to meet outstanding taxes. Became Privy Secretary to Cleon II. Was Imperial representative to Cleon II during the battle against the Empire. Eventually tried and executed for treason.

BrundijAuroran robot owned by Santirix Gremionis.

Byerley, Stephen Allen.. Lived at 355, Willow Grove, Evanstron. District attorney in New York. Elected Mayor in 2032 despite a campaign by Francis Quinn to prove him a robot. Became Regional Co-ordinater in 2037 and the first World Co-ordinater in 2044.



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