Glossary of Characters



Callia, Lady.   Grand-daughter of a Foundationer and member of the Second Foundation who became consort to Stettin, when she was 16, in order to ensure he became ruler of Kalgan and declare war on the Foundation. Aided Arkady Darrell's escape from Kalgan in 376FE.

Calvin, Susan. (1982-2064AD)  Head robopsychologist at US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. After visiting the Talking Robot Exhibition Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in New York. she produced her first paper, "Practical Aspects of Robotics" for Physics-I in 1998. Attended a Psycho-math seminar in 2002. Obtained a bachelor's degree at Columbia University in 2003. Began graduate work in cybernetics. Obtained her Ph.D. in 2008 and joined US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. as robopsychologist.  Became Robopsychologist-in-Chief in 2033AD.  Over 2 millennia after her death she was considered a demigod by the Spacer worlds.

Cantoro, Klorissa. Assistant to Rikaine Delmarre.

Cenn.  Commander of the Foundation navy during the Stettinian War who led the Foundation squadron at the Battle of Quoriston.

Channis, Bail.  (274FE-)   Became a speaker of the Second Foundation. Volunteered to be 'conditioned' to believe the Second Foundation's location was on the world of Rossem. Accompanied Han Pritcher on the Mule's last expedition to search for the Second Foundation.  He duly led the Mule to Rossem and, after a brief 'mind-duel', during which time he temporarily removed Pritcher's 'conversion', was met by the then First Speaker.  After the First Speaker, himself, 'converts' the Mule into believing that the Second Foundation doesn't exist, Channis was taken back to Trantor to be 'restored' to his normal self.

Chen, Linge. Chief Commissioner of the Commission of Public Safety during the Seldon Trial.

Cheng, Leonis.  Speaker of the Second Foundation c498FE.

Chen-low. Member of the New York Police Department. Was declassified from C-3 and replaced by a robot.

Cicis, Maloon. Right hand man to Amadiro at the Institute of Robotics on Aurora.

Claffern, Gladys.   Social adversary of Claire Belmont.

Claudy, Marc. Lieutenant of the Chica garrison of Fort Dibburn on Earth. Ultimately, though unknowingly, responsible for averting the destruction of the Empire, in 827GE, by destroying the Temple of Senloo under the influence of Joseph Schwartz' Mind Touch.

Cleon I. (11998-12038GE) Galactic Emperor, last of the Entuns. Ascended the throne in 12020GE. Assassinated by one of his gardeners in 12038GE.

Cleon II. (-203FE)  Commonly called 'The Great'. The last strong Emperor of the First Empire, he is important for the political and artistic renaissance that took place during his long reign. He is best known to romance, however, for his connection to Bel Riose, and to the common man, he is simply 'Riose's Emperor'. During his later years he suffered from a painful and undiagnosed ailment. About 200FE, Cleon directs interest in the Origin Question was "stale and unproductive speculation that tends to undermine the people's love of the Imperial throne."

Cloussar, Francis. Medievalist activist. Worked in Department CG, Section 2 of New York Yeast as a zymologist. Once convicted and fined for "inciting a riot" after tripping a robot.

Commason, Jord. Largest landowner on Neotrantor during the reign of Dagobert IX. Attempted to detain, Toran and Bayta Darrell, Magnifico and Ebling Mis on Neotrantor.

Compor, Munn Li.  (464FE-) Born on Smyrno. Emigrated to Terminus with his father although his ancestors originated on Comporellon.  Recruited by the Second Foundation when he was a child to become an Observer.  Became All-Collegiate Hyper Racing champion and was elected to the Foundation Council in 497FE.  Brought Golan Trevize to the attention of Stor Gendibal.

Cooper, Lemuel Oliver.   Reported to the Sheriff of Hannaford, Earth, that robot AL-76 had attacked and killed Randolph Payne.

Cori. Brother of the Society of Ancients on Earth who led a mob to Fort Dibburn to demand the release of Balkis.

Cosker.  Owner of the Trantorian farming co-operative to which Preem Palver pretended to belong.

Crast, Lundin. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Encyclopedia Committee

Creen. Agent of the Brotherhood who met Bel Arvarden during his sight-seeing tour of Earth.



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