Nyakbird Hunting.   Popular sport off the Royal family and nobles on Anacreon. The Nyakbird was indigenous to Anacreon.

Hyper Racing.   Following a ship through hyperspace by observing direction, speed and acceleration.   Munn Li Compor of Terminus was able to use his Second Foundation abilities to become All-Collegiate champion.

Space Soccer.   Game popular on Earth and the Spacer worlds, particularly Aurora, during the 48th century AD.  The game is played in zero-gravity between two teams of many players.  Each player has fins on backs, elbows and knees to control movement resulting in graceful but unusual movements.

Tennis.  An ancient ball sport, whose origins have long since been lost, played between either two or two pairs of players.  A simple game, conceptually, which involves hitting a small, soft ball over a net.  Popular in the Imperial Court.  A game in which Hari Seldon was quite proficient.



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