Glossary of Worlds



61 Cyngi. Star in the Sirius Sector believed, by some late Galactic archeologists, to be the location of the origin of the human species.

Alpha.  (Also known as New Earth).  Second body in orbit about Alpha Centauri.  A water world with a single island of 250km by 65km constructed by the First Galactic Empire, under Kandar V, in order to provide a habitable environment for the last refugees of the radioactive Earth.   The only technologies developed by the Alphans were biotechnology and advanced weather control

Alpha Centauri. G-2 star in the Sirius Sector and closest stellar body to Sol.  Late Galactic archeologists believed the location of the origin of the human species orbited this star.


Anacreon. Richest of the old Imperial prefects on the Periphery, 10,000 parsecs from Trantor and 8 parsecs from Terminus.   Fought a small war with the newly proclaimed Kingdom of Smyrno. The first step of the formation of the new Galactic Empire began with the instigation of a revolt on the planet and the formation of the Priesthood. Famous for the huge flying Nyakbird often hunted for sport. Anacreon consisted of 25 stellar systems with a population of 19,000,000,000. Famous for Locris wine.

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Andromeda.  Nearest galaxy to our own.

Arcturus. Capital of the Sirius Sector. Falsely believed, by late Galactic archeologists, particularly Lameth, to be the location of the origin of the human species.

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Askone. One of the planets of the Rim Worlds in the Galactic Periphery ruled by a Grand Master usually chosen from one of the Five Tribes.

AspertaMember of the Foundation.

Asteroid Belt.     Group of small asteroids orbiting Sol between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Aurora. Population 200,000,000.   Originally known as New Earth, the first world settled by Earth and the innermost world orbiting Tau Ceti.  Aurora was renamed for an ancient deity whose name meant "Dawn". - ruled by Chairman. Had a robot-human ratio of 50:1.   Considered superior, amongst the Spacer worlds, for its grape juice.  Had two small natural satellites, Tithonus and Tithonus II.  After Aurora "died", many of its inhabitants eventually settled on Trantor mostly populating the Mycogen sector.


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Baleyworld. First world settled in the second wave of immigration by Earth. Named for it's founder Ben Baley. Ruled by a Planetary Council headed by a five-person Directory who are changed in a one-year staggered fashion. Population of 5m in 4924AD.  Later became known as Benbally World and then Comporellon.

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Baronn. World in the Sirius Sector. Birthplace of Bel Arvarden.

Benbally World.   See Comporellon.

Beta Centauri.  Known as the Companion by Alphans.

Betelgeuse.  Red giant star visible in the Earth constellation of Orion.

Bonde. Member of the Foundation.

Cil.  World on the standard route of travel between Kalgan and Tazenda.


Companion.  See Beta Centauri.

Comporellon.  World in the Sirius Sector orbiting a star known, in ancient times, as Epsilon Eridani.   Formally known as Baleyworld and then Benbally World, Comporellon was the first world settled by humans in the second wave of expansion.   Named for its founder Ben Baley.   Became an Associated Power of the Foundation Federation.  Famous for exports of luxury wool and canned pineapples. The capital city is in the northern hemisphere.


Daribow. Planet on the Periphery. Formally a prefect before declaring itself a kingdom.

Delicass. See Neotrantor


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