Glossary of Characters



Labord, Fuad.  Renown Auroran author.

Lameth. Archaeologist during the First Galactic Empire. Worked on the Origin Question; basing much of his work on Gleen.

Lancy.  Controlman aboard the Remorseless.

Landeree. Female humanoid robot overseer employed to protect the Zorberlon family estate on Solaria.

Lanning, Alfred. Demonstrated the first mobile robot to be equipped with a voice at a Psycho-math seminar. Became Director of Research at US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. by 2008. In 2037 was made Director-Emeritus.

Lee, Yohan. (14FE-) Senior aide to Salvor Hardin.

Leebig, Jothan. Dr. Solarian roboticist who worked with Rikaine Delmarre in producing a robot, with modified First Law, capable of disciplining children.  Considered the best of 20 roboticists. Arranged that Gladia Delmarre murder her husband, Rikaine, in a fit of rage.  Later confessed himself to the murder and also plotting to take over the Galaxy for Solaria using positronic-brained spaceships.  Committed suicide in 4722AD.

Leemor, Fennel. Engineer Third Class of the Foundation navy. A section head of an air-car factory on Locris who volunteered for service at the start of the Stettinian War.

Lefkin. Prince, son of the Prince Regent of Anacreon and Admiral in the Anacreonian Navy.

Lepold I. (64FE-). Became King of Anacreon 80FE.

Levvaw. Member of the Democratic Underground on Terminus, converted by the Mule.

Levver, Abe. General Manager of US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Lih, Tejan Popjens.  Judge from Lystena who presided over the public hearing after a third assault on Hari Seldon.

Lingane, Autarch of.   See Jonti.

Linguester.  Family of Speakers of the Second Foundation Table, c200FE.  The only occasion during the interregnum where successive generations of one family became Speakers.

Linker, Jacob. Deputy Sheriff of Hannaford, Earth.  Known as "Lank Jake".

Linn, Hender.  Colonel in the military junta that assumed power on Trantor after the assassination of Cleon I.  Acted as aide-de-camp to General Tennar.

Lisiform. Commander of the Auroran ship Borealis sent to intercept the trader vessel taking Giskard to Earth and covertly deliver Amadiro and Mandamus.

Lizalor, Mitza.  (453FE-) in the Central Mountain Region of Comporellon.  Became Comporellon's Minister of Transportation.

Loris VI. Emperor of the First Empire who developed the use of the Previous Inclosure strategy.

Luk, Mori. (-201FE) Sergeant under Bel Riose. Born among the agricultural worlds of the Pleiades. Killed by Lathan Devers trying to prevent his escape.

Lumen.  Older daughter of Hans Fastolfe who became a leading politician in the Globalist movement on Aurora.

Lyon, Iwo. Official delegate of the Trader Assembly representing Radole.



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