Glossary of Characters



R. Daneel. See Olivaw.

R. Dors.  See Venabili.

R. Ernott. See Second.

R. Geronimo.   Messenger robot utilised by the New York Police Department c4722.

R. Giskard. See Reventlov.

R. Jander.  See Panell.

R Nadila.  Chief personal robot of Vasilia Aliena.

R. Sammy. Robot who replaced the human Vince Barrett in the New York Police Department. Was found later to be irreversibly deactivated by an alpha-sprayer given to him by Julius Enderby.

Randel. Councilor to the Grand Master of Askone.

Randon, Charles.   Had an arm broken by an mis-programmed LNE prototype robot.

Randu. Half brother of Franssart Darrell.   Appointed Co-ordinater of the Confederation of Cities on Haven.

Rashelle.   Self-appointed Mayor of Wye on Trantor.successfully carried out a short-lived coup in 12020GE.

Raych.  See Raych Seldon.

Reventlov, R Giskard. Robot constructed by Fastolfe on Aurora. Became the companion of Fastolfe's daughter, Vasilia, who inadvertently gave him the ability to control human emotions. In 4724AD he caused the robot Jander Panell to cease functioning in order to prevent Keldon Amadiro learning how to construct humaniform robots. Joined the establishment of Gladia after Dr. Fastolfe died. Together with Daneel, deduced that Amadiro and Mandamus of Aurora where planning to increase the radioactivity of Earth and thus make the planet uninhabitable. "Died" on Earth in 4924AD after imparting the ability to control human emotions to Daneel.

(c)1997 Donato GiancolaRiose, Bel. (165FE-)   Imperial General known as "The Last of the Imperials". Held the title of General of the Third Class in the armed forces of His Imperial Majesty. Was stationed in a stellar system on the Marches of the Galactic Empire in charge of the Twentieth Fleet. Saved two ships from a head-on collision in The Red Corridor. Discovered information about the First Foundation from Ducem Barr of Siwenna.

Rittah, Mother.  Friend of Raych Seldon.

Rizzett, Tedor.  Colonel in the regular Linganian forces.   Saved Biron Farrill's life after an assassination attempt by Sander Jonti whom he later killed with a blaster shot.   Exiled to Rhodia by Simok Aratap.

Robertson, Lawrence. Founder of US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Robertson, Scott. Son of Lawrence Robertson who succeeded his father as owner of US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Rodric, Anselm haut. Sub-prefect of Pluema and Envoy Extraordinary of his Highness of Anacreon. Visited Terminus in 50FE to negotiate the founding of a military base on the planet.

Ronson, Nigel.   Member of Interplanetary Press who conducted an exclusive interview with Gerald Black after the unsuccessful test of the hyperspatial jump on H937.

Roth, Wilson.  Commissioner of the New York City police department c4724AD.  Succeeded Julius Enderby.

Rufirant, Karoll.   Hamish farmer who accosted Stor Gendibal before an important meeting of the Table.



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