Glossary of Characters



Nadirhaba, Chandrus. Navigator to DG Baley on Solarian expedition.

Namarti, Gambol Deen. Dr.   (-12038GE)  Became the right-hand man of Leskim Joranum in the Joranumite movement and, after Joranum was exiled in 12028GE, became its leader.   Held a degree in ancient history.  Led an unsuccessful conspiracy, in 12038GE, to assassinate Hari Seldon.  He was, himself, executed for his part in the conspiracy.

Narovi.  Farmer of Rossem who was the first to meet Han Pritcher and Bail Channis on the Mule's final expedition in search of the Second Foundation.

Natter. Agent of the Brotherhood who "rescued" Joseph Schwartz from the Dunham department store after being assigned to watch Affret Shekt. Later killed by the Mind Touch of Joseph Schwartz.

Nee, Sander.  Member of the Joranum Guard.

Nevas, Rial.  (12044GE-)   Acted as a witness for the prosecution at the public hearing against Hari Seldon.

Ngoma, Lincoln. Tropic Region Vice-Co-ordinater based in Capital City, 2052.

Ninheimer, Simon.   Head of the Department of Sociology of Northeastern University on Earth, 2034AD. Only person of the 14-member University Senate who voted against the use of the EZ robot. Sued US Robots and Mechanical Men for  $750,000 after his magnum opus, "Social Tensions Involved in Space-Flight and Their Resolution", contained several libelous statements alleged to have been introduced by the EZ robot.

Niss, Berto. Communications officer to DG Baley on Solarian expedition

Norast, Levi. Member of the Action Party.

Norris, Phillip. C-5 Plainclothesman with the New York police Department.

Noth.  Member of the Democratic Underground on Terminus, converted by the Mule.

Nott. Professor of Physical Chemistry and a member of the University Senate Executive Committee at Northeastern University on Earth, 2034AD.

Novker, Civ.  Trantorian lawyer who twice represented Hari Seldon on assault charges.  On both occasions, Seldon was acquitted.

Novi, Sura.  See Suranoviremblastiran.

Obijasi. Archaeologist during the First Galactic Empire.

O'Brian, Joe. Assistant to John Harman.

Ogrinsky. Author of "Shame of the Cities", a book often quoted by Medievalists on Earth.

Olivaw, R Daneel. Humanoid robot constructed, 4920AD, in Spacetown on Earth by Drs Sarton and Fastolfe. Assisted Elijah Baley in solving the death of Dr Sarton in 4921AD and again in solving the death of Rikaine Delmarre.  He was placed in charge of the "mirror-image" case which involved two mathematicians aboard a Spacer vessel in which he solicited the help of Elijah Baley.  In 4724AD he again partnered Elijah Baley when the Earthman was requested by Aurora to prove the innocence of Dr Fastolfe when he was accused of rendering the humaniform robot, Jander Panell, inoperative.  Last to see Elijah Baley alive.  Joined the establishment of Gladia Solaria after Dr. Fastolfe died. Independently postulated the notion of the Zeroth Law of Robotics. Together with Giskard, deduced that Amadiro and Mandamus of Aurora where planning to increase the radioactivity of Earth and thus make the planet uninhabitable. Unfortunately he failed in his attempts to thwart the plan. Obtained the ability to control human emotions from Giskard. Daneel did what he could, with his new abilities, to save Earth and its inhabitants.  At one point he tried to coerce the Galactic Empire to deliver uncontaminated soil to Earth.  When this failed he arranged for the final inhabitants to be transported to Alpha.

Daneel, in his attempts to guide humanity, assumed the persona of Eto Demerzel and maneuvered himself into the position of First Minister under Emperor Cleon I.  It was in this position that Daneel assisted Hari Seldon in his Flight across Trantor and in realising his dream of psychohistory.  Daneel was quick to grasp the importance of psychohistory in the development and guidance of humanity.  In order to protect Seldon, it was Daneel who appointed Dors Venabili as his protector in 12020GE.  In order to create unrest within the Imperial government, and without realising the truth of it, Leskim Joranum accused Daneel of being a robot. An indictment which eventually convinced Daneel to stand down as First Minister.

For many thousands of years Daneel tried to come to terms with the Zeroth Law of robotics until he engineering the founding of Gaia.  His plan was to help humanity become a single organism and, thus, remove its abstraction.  When he considered Gaia mature enough he first maneuvered Golan Trevize to Gaia in order to decide the future of mankind and then to his current location on the Moon in order to bring the hermaphroditic child Fallom to him where he could make use of the greater capacity of the long-lived Solarian brain that was independent of Gaia.

Orre. Engineer under Bel Riose.

Orsy, Jaim. Member of the Action Party.

Oser, Jamin. Second in command to DG Baley on Solarian expedition.



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