Designation Appellation Comments In-use
"Robbie" Earth-use, non-talking nursemaid. 1996-2007AD
SPD "Speedy" Designed for use on Mercury. Due to the hostile Mercurian environment, Law 3 strengthened. 2015AD
QT "Cutie" Designed to independently control the energy-beam producing Solar Stations. 2016AD
MC 2016AD
DV Designed to control six "subsidiary" robots. Used on the Asteroid Mines. 2017AD
HB "Herbie" Construction accident enabled HB-34 to read human minds. 2021AD
MA "Emma" Designed to work in the storms on Titan 2025AD
NS "Nestor" Assisted in the development of the hyperatomic motor at Hyper Base. Later models were equipped with a modified First Law . The new law was stated as "No robot may harm a human being". The modification made the NS robot "slightly unstable". 2029AD
"The Brain" Immobile robot used by US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. to solve the mathematics of hyperspatial travel. 2029AD
AL "Al" Designed to operate Lunar disintos. AL-76 lost on Earth. ????AD
ZZ ("Sissy" was suggested but discounted) The first series of robots designed by US Robots and Mechanical Men that were non-humanoid in appearance.  Designed to explore the Jovian environment.  see note 1 ????AD
TN "Tony" Housekeeping robot ????AD
LNE "Lenny" Designed to mine boron in the asteroid belt. ????AD
MEC Demonstration model used during guided tours. takes two steps forward, says "Pleased to meet you.", shakes hands and takes two steps backwards. ????AD
EZ "Easy" Designed as a proof-reading robot. 2033-4AD
R Nadila Chief personal robot of Vasilia Aliena.
R Daneel Olivaw 4720AD-????FE
R Giskard Reventlov ????AD-4924AD
R Sammy Messenger robot 4721AD
R Geronimo Messenger robot 4724AD
RX-2475 Solarian robot in charge of Elijah Baley's welfare on his trip to Solaria. 4722AD
ACX-2745 Solarian robot assigned to Elijah Baley's dwelling during his visit to Solaria. 4722AD
ACC-1129 Solarian robot specifically designed to initiate/terminate trimensional viewing in Elijah Baley's dwelling during his visit to Solaria. 4722AD
Faber Auroran household robot owned by Hans Fastolfe 4724AD
Pandion Auroran household robot owned by Gladia Solaria. 4724AD
Borgraf Auroran household robot owned by Gladia Solaria. 4724AD
Debret Auroran robot owned by Vasilia Aliena. 4724AD
Brundij Auroran robot owned by Santirix Gremionis. 4724AD
Landeree Performed the task of overseer of the Zorberlon estate on Solaria. 4924AD
R Ernott Second, Auroran humanoid robot. Attempted, unsuccessfully, to destroy Giskard on Earth. 4924AD
R Dors Venabili ?????-12048GE

Note 1.  In the original story, "Victory Unintentional", the ZZ series were sent to investigate Jovian life, but, as "The End of Eternity" precludes any intelligent life other than human in the 'Foundation Universe', this fact is deliberately overlooked.


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