Glossary of Characters



Tarki, Lem. Member of the Action Party.

Tennar, Dugal.  General of the Trantorian military.  Headed the military junta that assumed power on Trantor after the assassination of Cleon I.  Attempted to implement a poll tax on Trantor which resulted in considerable unrest amongst the population.

Thallos.  (-376FE)  Ruler of Kalgan who was assassinated by Stettin in 376FE.

Thoobing, Littoral.  (444FE-)  Appointed Foundation's Ambassador to Sayshell Planet in 491FE.

Thool, Altim.   Father of Gladia Delmarre, although he never revealed the fact.  Solarian doctor who treated Gladia after the murder of her husband.  Also treated Hannis Gruer after he was poisoned.

Thornbowe, Elizabeth. Dietician who worked with Jessie Baley before she was married and introduced her to Medievalist meetings.

Tinter. Lt. Lieutenant aboard the Far Star.

Tippellum. Junior Officer of the Foundation navy who reported the capture of Preem Palver to Jole Turbor.

Tobe, Sam.  General Manager of the central plant of US Robots and Mechanical Men who led the search for robot AL-76 after it went missing on Earth.

Tombaugh, Clyde.   Discovered the planet Pluto in 1930AD

Tobin, Jack. Member of the New York Police Department.

Tolstoy, Lev Nikolaevich, Count (1828-1910AD).  Ancient Earth novelist and social reformer.  Author of "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina".

Trevize, Golan.  (466FE-)  Nephew of the Foundation's Commissioner of Transportation.  Served two years in the Foundation Navy, attaining the rank of Lieutenant.   Lived in the suburb of Flexner on Terminus. Elected as a Councilman of Terminus 498FE.  Trevize was a firm believer that the Seldon Plan did not exist because it appeared to be too perfect and thus, must be under the complete control of the previously believed destroyed Second Foundation.  These views resulted in his arrest for treason and exile from Terminus by Mayor Branno.  His exile was under the pretext that he was to search for the mythical planet Earth with Janov Pelorat.  In fact he was to search for the Second Foundation.  As it happened, Trevize actually stumbled upon Gaia where he was asked to choose the future of the Galaxy - the Foundation Federation, the Second Foundation or Galaxia.  Trevize chose Galaxia. But he was not happy with his decision and decided that, if he found Earth, he would understand the choose he had made.  His search took him first to Comporellon and then to the ancient Spacer worlds of Aurora, Solaria and Melpomenia.  He then found the last remnants of Earth on the planet Alpha where he was infected by Hiroko with a inactive virus but left before it could be made active. Finally he found Earth and discovered it was truly radioactive and uninhabitable.  However on its nearby natural satellite, the Moon, he found R. Daneel who had, all along, been the puppetmaster, maneuvering Trevize ever since he left Terminus.

Turbor, JoleFoundation visicaster  who was silenced by the Terminus government because of his denouncement of the blind faith placed in the Second Foundation.   During the Stettinian War he became a naval war correspondent with the Third Fleet in the outer reaches of the Anacreonian Sector.

Twer, Jaim. One of the first group of Outlanders to ostensibly receive a lay education at the Foundation, though he was actually trained as a priest.  Became a Councilman of the First Foundation who traveled to Korell with Hober Mallow.

Upshur. Crew member aboard the Far Star.

Vasilia1. See Aliena.

Vasilia2. Mother of Hans Fastolfe.

Venabili, R Dors.  Humaniform robot who claimed to have been born on Cinna.  First met Hari Seldon during his Flight across Trantor.  Dors was appointed bodyguard to Hari Seldon by Daneel in 12020GE.  Became Hari Seldon's wife.  Saved Seldon's life after the first assassination attempt on his life; after which she became known as "The Tiger Woman".  Ceased to function after being fatally exposed to the harmful effects of the electro-clarifier at the hands of Tamwile Elar in 12048GE.

Verisof, Poly. Ambassador and High Priest to Anacreon. Often used the alias Jan Smite when traveling incognito.

Vrank. Lieutenant under Bel Riose.



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