Glossary of Worlds



Mandress.  Member of the Inner Provinces where Harla Branno once served as Ambassador.

MarsMars.  Small planet in orbit about the star Sol.


(c)1995 Michael WhelanMelpomenia.   Nineteenth Spacer world settled.

Places of Interest


MercuryMercury. Planet closest to the star Sol and planetary neighbour to Earth.


Mnemon. Member of the Independent Trading Worlds.

MoonMoon.  Large natural satellite of Earth


Mores. Completed a commercial treaty with the Foundation in 300FE.

Neotrantor. Two parsecs from Trantor. Renamed from Delicass after the Great Sack.  Became the seat of the last Dynasty of Galactic Emperors.

Nephelos.  World in the Nebular Kingdoms orbiting a star of spectral class G-2 and home of the Rancher of Widemos and Biron Farrill.

Places of interest

NeptuneNeptune.  Large (49,000km) in orbit about the star Sol. Discovered by Johann Galle in 1846AD


New Earth.  See Alpha.

Nexon.  Spacer world only 2 parsecs from Solaria.  Together with Solaria they formed the closest pair of inhabited worlds in Spacer times.

Nishaya.  World famous for its goat herding and high quality cheeses.  Part of the pre-Imperial Kingdom of Trantor.

Ophiuchus. Barbarous world once thought to have developed before interstellar travel.

Orsha II. Capital of the Normannic Sector of the old Empire. Twenty parsecs from Siwenna.

Planet V, (Gamma Andromeda). Scene of a catastrophic accident resulting in the deaths of several million people and laying waste to at least half the planet. The accident was caused by inferior repairs and replacement parts made to a nuclear power plant.

Pluema. Sub-prefect of Anacreon.

PlutoPluto.  Small planet in orbit about the planet Sol.  Discovered by Claude Tombaugh in 1930AD.




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