Glossary of Worlds



Gaia.  Planet in the Sayshell Sector, 10 parsecs from Sayshell Planet.  Gaia is an ancient word for "Earth".  Has one small (100km) natural satellite.  Population; 1,000,000,000.  Engineered by the humaniform robot R. Daneel in order to resolve the conflict of the Zeroth Law.  In 498FE Gaia maneuvered Golan Trevize, Stor Gendibal and Harla Branno to the vicinity of Gaia in order that Trevize determine the future of the Galaxy.  A decision that Gaia couldn't make but believed that Trevize had a special aptitude that would enable him make the correct decision.  Although Gaia felt responsible for the Mule, they allowed the Second Foundation to correct the problem.  Gaia wanted Trevize to be convinced that he had made the correct decision in choosing Galaxia and so, through one of their members, Bliss, assisted Trevize in his search for Earth.


Gaia-S.  G-4 star about which Gaia revolves.

Gallia.  Gas giant in the Comporellon home system.

Gamma Andromeda.   See Planet V

Getorin.  Pleasant resort world close to Trantor.

Glyptal IV. Planet in the Galactic Periphery.

H937.  An asteroid forced into a circular orbit about Hyper Base in order to conduct a demonstration of the first hyperspatial jump.  Known as "It".

Hame.  See Trantor.

Haven II. Member of the Association of Independent Trading Worlds orbiting the star, Haven.  Described as "Rock world with cave cities". Was one of the biggest ship-building worlds of the Independent Trading Worlds.

Places of interest.

Helicon. In Arcturus Sector. Birthplace of Hari Seldon.   c9600GE the inhabitants, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, convinced themselves that they were the only inhabited globe in the Universe.

Indigenous Species.

Hesperos. One of the original Spacer Worlds where Vasilia Aliena awaited the death of her biological father, Hans Fastolfe.

Horleggor. Location of the Mule's first victory against the Foundation where twenty Foundation ships surrendered.

Horsehead Nebular.   Nebulous region of the Galaxy containing the Nebular Kingdoms including Nephelos, Lingane and Rhodia.

Hyper Base. Name given to the Twenty-Seventh Asteroidal Grouping in the Sol system were the Hyperatomic motor was developed by US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. Was closed and isolated from the rest of the Solar System for a period of two weeks after the loss of an NS robot.

Ifni Sector.  Location of a battle during the Stettinian War where a Foundation squadron was virtually wiped out by the Kalganian navy. The only vessel to escape was the Ebling Mis.

Iss. Member of the Independent Trading Worlds.

JupiterJupiter.  Large gas giant in orbit about the star Sol.


Places of interest.

Kalgan. Semi-tropical luxury world in the Santanni sector, approximately 50 parsecs from Terminus, once ruled by the Stannells.  Part of the First Galactic Empire and ruled by a viceroy.  As the Empire crumbled Kalgan's prosperity was maintained by a series of independent Princes. Became home to the Mule before his attack on the Foundation. After defeating the Foundation the Mule made Kalgan the seat of the Union of Worlds from where he ruled as First Citizen. After the Mule died, Kalgan was ruled by a series of First Citizens from Han Pritcher to Admiral Stettin. Stettin instigated the ill-fated Stettinian War against the Foundation which, although it left Stettin as ruler, had its navy dismantled and all of the  27 worlds remaining within the Union were made autonomous and allowed to vote for return to previous status, full independence or allowed to join the Foundation.

Places of interest.

Other Facts.

Konom. Planet on the Periphery. Originally a prefect but later declared itself a Kingdom.

Korell. Located in the Whassallian Rift, Korell is the chief world of the Korellian Republic. The leader of Korell, known by the title of Commdor (meaning first citizen of the State), is chosen from the Argo family. Becomes a member of the Foundation although it was briefly in the Hands of Kalgan during the early stages of the Stettinian War.


Lemul Cluster.  The location where Bel Riose saved two ships from a head-on collision.

Lingane.  World of the Nebular Kingdoms orbiting a star of spectral class G-2; 35 light years from Rhodia.  Ruled by an Autarch.  Last of the Kingdoms to be captured by Tyrann when it became an   Associated State. 

Livia. Home world of Humbal Yariff.

Locris. One of the Four Kingdoms. 20 parsecs from Terminus and 800 parsecs from Santanni. Briefly held by Imperial forces during the "war" between the Empire and the First Foundation. Birthplace of Han Pritcher.

Lucreza. Planet in the Periphery. Popularised by the saying "A howl you could hear way out to Lucreza."

LyonesseWas forming a commercial treaty with the Foundation in 300FE when they were defeated by the Mule.

Lystena.  Outer World.



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