Glossary of Characters



Mackenzie, Hiram. Northern Region Vice-Co-ordinater based in Ottawa, 2052.

Malcomber.  Chief Gardener of the Imperial Palace Grounds on Trantor.   Retired 12038GE

Mandamus, Levular Dr. Great great grandson of Gladia and Santirix Gremionis. Great grandson of Darrel. Member of the Robotics Institute of Aurora. Together with Amadiro devised and executed a plan to make Earth radioactive in 4924AD.

Mallow, Hober. Master Trader from Smyrno and first of the "Merchant Princes". Negotiated a trade agreement with the Commdor of Korell, Asper Argo, while working as a agent for the Foundation. Indicted for the murder of an Anacreonian Priest on Korell, but was acquitted after he demonstrated the the priest was really a member of the Korellian Secret Police. Overthrew Jorane Sutt and became Mayor of Terminus. Changed Foundation foreign policy away from the Priesthood and toward free trade.

Magnifico. Magnifico Giganticus.   See Mule.

Mangin. Foundation trader from Iss.

Manlio, Publis. Foundation Foreign Secretary and head of the Priesthood. Acted as prosecutor at the trial of Hober Mallow. Failed to incite the Priesthood of the Outer Planets to support Jorane Sutt.

Manowell.  Emperor known as Bloody Emperor Manowell.  Succeeded by Cleon I.

Maren, Arbin. (792GE-) Gave shelter to Joseph Schwartz after his "transportation" to the future. Took Schwartz to be treated by the Synapsifier developed by Affret Shekt and then put him to work on his farm.

Maren, Loa. Wife of Arbin Maren who first discovered Joseph Schwartz after his "transportation" to the future.

Martin, Andrew.  Earth robot who gradually became humaniform.

Maskellnik Dr. Professor of the University of Eos and teacher of Levular Mandamus.

McKenny, Cliff. Assistant to John Harman.

Meirus, Lev.  First Minister to the Lords of Kalgan.

Messier, Charles.  (1730-1817AD) Ancient Earth observational astronomer whose work on the discovery of comets led to the compilation of the Messier Catalogue of nebulae and star clusters. The reason Messier compiled this catalogue was to save time while comet hunting. Messier compiled an initial list of 103 objects which he published in his 1781 catalogue.

Milaine, Biron.   Pseudonym used by Biron Farrill when he traveled to Rhodia.

Millane, Lyrane. Subetherics dancer.

Minnim, Albert. . Under Secretary of the Justice Department in Washington.  Promoted to Vice-Secretary c4722AD.

Mis, Ebling. Dr. (-301FE) The most noted of psychologists of the Foundation who tried to duplicate the work of Hari Seldon.   Killed by Bayta Darrell before he could reveal the location of the Second Foundation to the Mule.

Monay, Cinda.  Joined the Psychohistory Project in 12045GE. One of the few graduate students in radiational physics.   Designed the Electro-Clarifier, based on Tamwile Elar's "achaotic" equations, that was used to construct a Prime Radiant.

MonoleeAlphan who provided Janov Pelorat with valuable information on the history of Earth.

Morler, Nephi. Greatest Senior Director of Baleyworld, 4844AD.

Moro, Lo. Alias used by Han Pritcher while he conspired to assassinate The Mule on Terminus.

Mountel of Paramay.  Once viceroy of Siwenna who was defeated by the Emperor after leading a revolt against the First Galactic Empire.

Mule, The. (270-307FE)  Born on Gaia but left without their permission. Self-named because of his inability to produce children.  Overthrew the Warlord of Kalgan and then defeated the Foundation.  Took on the guise of Magnifico Giganticus, the Mule's clown, in order to learn more of the Foundation.   Stumbled upon Ebling Mis who he coerced, with the use of his ability for emotional control, into finding the Second Foundation for him.  He was defeated in this effort by Bayta Darrell who killed Mis before he could reveal the Second Foundation's location. Formed the Union of Worlds after the Foundation's defeat and assumed the title of "First Citizen of the Union".  Commissioned six expeditions, led by Han Pritcher, to search for the Second Foundation.  During the sixth expedition he destroyed Tazenda, believing it to be the Second Foundation's home, before he, himself, was converted by the current First Speaker of the Second Foundation. Died, an invalid, on Kalgan.

Muller, Franze. Field engineer for US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Mummery, Gennard.   Member of the Library Board of the Imperial Library on Trantor c12054.

Munn, HomirTerminus librarian who owned the largest collection of Muliana in the Galaxy. Had several papers published speculating on the nature and function of the Second Foundation. Visited Kalgan in 376FE in order to search for the Second Foundation. Was granted permission to enter the Mule's Palace.  Munn demonstrated that, at least in the belief of the Mule, the Second Foundation did not exist.  Stettin used this information to begin the unsuccessful Stettinian War with the Foundation. After the war, he returned to Terminus as Mediator Extraordinary. His conviction in the non-existence of the Second Foundation had been re-enforced by a mind modification made by Callia while on Kalgan.

Myers, Jane. Dietician who worked with Jessie Baley before she was married.



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