Glossary of Characters



SamminLieutenant General in the Mule's fleet who led a taskforce aboard the Cluster against the Association of Independent Trading worlds at Iss.

Sarton, Roj Nemennuh. Dr. Doctor of Sociology and co-developer of the humaniform robot. Developed the first humaniform robot, R Daneel Olivaw, in his own image. Citizen of Aurora whose murder, in Spacetown on Earth, prompted an investigation by Elijah Baley.

Saunders.   Sheriff of Hannaford, Earth, who led a posse to the shack of Randolph Payne in order to capture robot AL-76.

Savand, Tapper.  Designed the Imperial Palace Gardens on Trantor c11900GE.  Born on Anacreon, Savand was considered by many to have been the Empire's greatest horticulturalist.

Schloss, Mayer. Dr.   Director of H937 during the unsuccessful testing of the hyperspatial jump.

Schwartz, Joseph. (1887AD-)  Born on.Earth. A retired tailor, who was "transported" in time by a freak nuclear accident at the Institute for Nuclear Research in Chicago from 1949AD to 827GE. After being the unwilling participant in the development of the Synapsifier, developed by Affret Shekt, developed the ability to influence minds. This became known as the Mind Touch. Using the Mind Touch, Schwartz, along with Bel Arvarden and Affret and Pola Shekt, managed to foil a plan by Earth Zealots to destroy the Galaxy. Was awarded the Order of the Spaceship and Sun, First Class for his endeavours in 828GE.

Second, R Ernott. Auroran humanoid robot. Attempted, unsuccessfully, to destroy Giskard on Earth.

Seldon, Bellis.   (12052GE-)  Daughter of Raych and Manella Seldon.

(c)1995 Michael WhelanSeldon, Hari. Dr. (-79-1FE (11988-12069GE))  Born on Helicon where he became quite astute as a "twister" an, in later life, an accomplished tennis player.   Father reputed to be a tobacco grower in the hydroponic plants of Helicon. Mathematician and founder of the science of psychohistory on which he began working on in 12008GE. Often described as "the last great scientist of the First Empire".

Arrived on Trantor in 12020GE where he presented a paper at the Decennial Convention of mathematicians.  The paper caused a huge stir not least so with Emperor Cleon I who later demanded an audience with Seldon to discuss his theories...Flight across Trantor... Became head of the Mathematics Department at Streeling University - a respectable cover for his secret psychohistoric research.  Married his bodyguard, Dors Venabili.  Disrupted a Joranumite meeting being illegally held on University grounds which resulted, ultimately,  after Eto Demerzel left office, in his appointment as Imperial First Minister; a post he held for ten years.  After only a year in office, Seldon survived the first assassination attempt on his life by a sergeant of the Palace staff - a remnant of the Joranumite movement.  The attempt failed due to the quick reaction of Dors Venabili.  The conspiracy involved two ministers, 50 officials of lower rank and four soldiers, including the sergeant.  All the conspirators were executed.

At 64, Seldon developed sciatica which forced him to work with a limp and require the use of a cane.

Known in his later years as Raven Seldon because of his predictions of the downfall of the Galactic Empire. Using psychohistory he determined that the Galactic Empire would soon crumble and be replaced by 30,000 years of anarchy before a new Empire would be formed. He also determined that this interregnum could be limited to a single 1,000 years by setting up a foundation of encyclopedists on Terminus at the edge of the galaxy is such a manner that their actions would follow a pre-determined course and eventually, with the help of the unseen Second Foundation on Trantor, set up a New Empire.  The idea of the two foundations having come from his life-long psychohistory colleague, Yugo Amaryl.  Although he never took up the post, Seldon was considered to be the First Speaker of the Second Foundation Table.

Seldon was found, slumped over his desk in his office in Streeling University in 12069GE.  Apparently he had been working up to his last moments on psychohistorical equations; his activated Prime Radiant was discovered clutched in his hand.  Seldon's body was jettisoned into space according to his wishes.  The official memorial service on Trantor was simple, though well attended.  It is worth noting that Seldon's old friend, former First Minister, Eto Demerzel attended the event although his grand-daughter, Wanda, didn't.  It is said that Hari Seldon left this life as he lived it, for he died with the future he created unfolding all around him.

[Last recording made by Hari Seldon]

Seldon, Raych.  (12008-12058GE)  Born in Millimaru on Trantor. Adopted son of Hari Seldon whom he met, in Dahl, during his Flight across Trantor.  Ic12030GE, Raych became a civil servant in the Ministry of Population.  Twice in his life he assisted Hari Seldon by carrying out "undercover" visits to Dahl and Wye sectors.  The first time was to assist in the downfall of Leskim Joranum and Joranumite movement in 12028GE.  The second, in the guise of Planchet, to determine the plans of Gambol Namarti and Gleb Andorin in the overthrow of the Trantorian government.  It was during this second mission that he met Manella Dubanqua, his future wife.   Wrote a popular book about the Dahl sector and accepted a job at the University of Santanni.  Killed in the uprising against the Santanni government.

Seldon, Wanda. (12041GE-)   Daughter of Raych and Manella Seldon.  If Hari Seldon is the father of psychohistory, Wanda Seldon could be considered the mother of the Second Foundation.  When she was just a teenager Hari Seldon recognised that she possessed a rare mentallic ability; a quality essential for the founding of the Second Foundation.  It was Wanda's dream of "lemonade death" as a seven year-old that led Dors Venabili to uncover the conspiracy against Hari Seldon and avert the second assassination attempt on his life.

Her first contact with psychohistory was in 12052GE when she was being shown the Prime Radiant by Yugo Amaryl.   Looking at a sequence of equations on section 42R254 she remarked that they weren't "pretty".  Upon investigation, Amaryl discovered that the equations indeed contained many errors and were based on mis-assumptions.

Hari Seldon "discovered" Wanda's mentallic ability in 12058GE.  During the lean years of the Psychohistory Project, Wanda helped influence various people including Emperor Agis XIV, Chief Librarian Tryma Acarnio and the financier Terep Bindris in finally establishing the facilities to create the Encyclopedia Project.  Later, with the help of Stettin Palver, she searched for others with mentallic abilities, including Bor Alurin.  These people, Wanda included, formed the basis of the Second Foundation.

Nothing is known of Wanda's ultimate fate as the fledging Second Foundation fled underground to begin their covert operations.

Semic, Elvett. Dr.  Professor-Emeritus of physics at the University of Terminus.  Contributed to the mathematics of encephalographic analysis by analysing intranuclear motions. (The n-body problem).

Senter, Lee. Trantorian farmer who met Bayta and Toran Darrell, Magnifico and Ebling Mis when they landed on Trantor.

Sermak, Sef. Member of the City Council of Terminus who led a deputation of the Action Party to Salvor Hardin in 80FE to express the populace's dissatisfaction at government foreign policy in its appeasement to the Anacreonians. Led the vote for Hardin's impeachment in 79FE. Later became Mayor of Terminus?

Shakespeare, William.   (1564-1616AD) Ancient Earth poet and dramatist.

Shandess, Quindor.   Became the 25th First Speaker of the Second Foundation in 480FE.  Shandess was a firm believer in the Golden Rule of the Second Foundation that you "do nothing unless you must, and when you must - hesitate". Consequently his administration was one of consolidation rather than active involvement.  Shandess implemented a Hyper Plan which extended psychohistorical prediction past the formation of the Federated Empire.

Shane, Harlow.   Justice who represented the government in the case of Northeastern University and US Robots and Mechanical Men, 2034AD.

Shekt, Affret. Earth physicist who developed the Synapsifier at the Institute for Nuclear Research at Chica. Had a paper on the mathematics of the Synapsifier published in Physical Reviews. Once stood unsuccessfully for the Washenn Council. Was part of a small group of people who foiled a plan by Earth Zealots, led by Balkis, to destroy the Galaxy.

Shekt, Pola. (820GE-)  Daughter of Affret Shekt. Assisted her father in the Institute for Nuclear Research as a laboratory technician while she was studying at the University of Chica. Was part of a small group of people who foiled a plan by Earth Zealots, led by Balkis, to destroy the Galaxy. Married Bel Arvarden in 828GE.

Shelton. Worked with Harman on the ill-fated Prometheus. He was responsible for its sabotage and eventual destruction, he died in the resultant explosion.

Silver, Vincent. Succeeded Alfred Lanning as Director of Research for US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Simpson. An employee at the office of the commissioner of the New York Police Department

Sisyphus.  Primitive mythical character who pushed a boulder up a hill only to see it roll back down again.

Siwenna, Viceroy of. An admiral of the Emperor's fleet who became viceroy after defeating the rebellious Wiscard when the population of Siwenna revolted. He then proceeded to massacre the population of Siwenna. Assassinated by Ducem Barr who held him responsible for the deaths of his brother and sister.

Smite, Jan. Alias used by Poly Verisof when traveling incognito.

Smith. Doctor at the Institute for Nuclear Research in Chicago who discovered the accident that led to the "transportation" in time of Joseph Schwartz.

Smitko, F. An Earth bacteriologist who died after being treated with the Synapsifier.

Smoodgie.  Friend of Raych Seldon.

Smool.  Father of Hiroko.

Sobhaddartha, Jogoroth.   Sayshellian customs official c498FE.

Solaria, Gladia. See Delmarre.

Sopellor, Evander.   Lieutenant of Foundation Security, 498FE.

Spacewarp, Grandmother.   Evil, literary character in children's stories.

Speidell.   Academician of Earth, 2034AD who was libeled by Simon Nimheimer's magnum opus.

Stannell II. Boy Emperor who unsuccessfully tried to raise the Emperor's insignia in the Council Chamber on Earth. Was assassinated after two years as Emperor.

Stannell VI. Ruler of the Normannic Sector. Last good ruler of the Provinces, under whom Siwenna almost achieved its ancient prosperity. d. 104FE.

Stanton, Neil. Assistant to John Harman.

Stettin.  Admiral of the Kalganian navy who arranged the assassination of Thallos in 376FE and assumed the role of First Citizen. Allowed Homir Munn to enter the Mule's Palace in order that he may convince the populace in the non-existence of the Second Foundation.  As a result of Munn's findings he declared war on the Foundation only to be beaten twelve months later.

Suranoviremblastiran.   Member of Gaia.  Assumed the name Sura Novi and the guise of a Hamish woman in order to lead Stor Gendibal to Gaia.

Sutt, Jorane. Replaced Ankor Jael as Minister of Education for the First Foundation. Later charged with endangering the State after the trial of Hober Mallow and removed from office. Founder of the Religionist Party.

Sutt, Tomaz. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Encyclopedia Committee. Charged with endangering the State after the acquittal of Hober Mallow.

Szegeczowska. European Region Vice-Co-ordinater based in Geneva, 2052.



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