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The First Unified Crisis


812 FE

"... With the joint agreement of (what where separate Foundations) the two scientific communities, an unhindered scientific renaissance flourished throughout the galaxy. Among the advances, territorial expansion proved to test the very fabric of humanity, the determinedness of science, and the strength of technology.

"The mythical world of expansion became the fruit of a major expedition. This ancient section of the galaxy soon became a hotspot for tourists. While the planet was uninhabitable by nature, by the founding of Anti-rad dispensers cities became possible. Apparently, in the ancient mythological era of the formation of hyperspatial travel, a band of anti-humanity planets existed. Thought to be long since dead, one proved to be very much alive and powerful. This planet held 120 inhabitants with tremendous power. Their long standing goal: the destruction of the Galactic Empire. Upon realization that the Empire was already dead and the hopes of soon forming another anew, phoenix-like, from the ashes of the dead, the Solarians (as they called themselves) decided to prevent this from occurring. For the first time, a full scale physical and mentallic war was waged against the Foundation.

"The Foundation had no chance of success until the intervention of a person. R. Daneel Olivaw, inhabitant of the satellite orbiting Earth,  former First Minister to the Last Great Emperors, proved to be instrumental in the destruction of the Spacers and in the succession of humanity. This "man" proved to be less than human but with all the peculiarities that are beheld in a human. Robot was the ancient term used to describe him. He was mortally wounded during a stand off with the last of the Solarian inhabitants. Currently he is held in suspension of time in the Temporal Protection Chamber deep within Trantor, where his suspended positronic pathways are being preserved until a future date where a general scrambling would not take place. He has been in stasis for over 200 years."

Peter J Sibilski


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