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The Great Compromise


735 FE

"The Great Compromise proved that Seldon's dream of the future seemed more possible than ever. After over 300 years of doubt in The Plan after the attack of the Mule, this proved to the inhabitants of the galaxy that Seldon's Plan never did actually get fatally disrupted. The actual reason for this regrowth was discovered during the Great Compromise. On the 4th day in the 10th month, of the 735 year of the Foundation Era, a joint treaty was signed by both the psychologists of Trantor and the scientists of Terminus. This was the result of the stalemate at...

"...which proved that succession of either side independently was impossible as dictated by the Seldon's Theorems. The treaty signed was doubted: Seldonian Will due to the proof of the existence and reliability of The Plan. Here a joint venture was agreed upon; where both divisions would explore their particular abilities with the common goal of accepted advance (accepted advance according to the Seldonian Will, which was governed by the probabilities of Psychohistory). Together finally the Foundation as one began the first of the Pre-Second Imperial era."

Peter J Sibilski


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