Spacer 2064AD-4728AD


???? Earth colonises Aurora.
???? Earth colonises a further 29 worlds,
4393 Rutilan Horder born.
4421 Founding of the "City" of New York
4422 Solaria first settled from neighbouring Nexon.
???? Great Rebellion resulting in the independence of the Outer Worlds from Earth.
4522 Solaria becomes independent.
4551 Hans Fastolfe born on Aurora.
4638 Keldon Amadiro born on Aurora.
4675 Vasilia Aliena born on Aurora.
4679 Elijah Baley born on Earth.
4679 Lavinia Demachek born.
4680 Accident at a power station blamed on Elijah Baley's father.
4687 Elijah Baley's father dies. Baley goes to live with Uncle Boris.
4689 Gladia born on Solaria.
4689 Elijah Baley's Uncle Boris dies in a transporter accident.
4696 Spacetown established on Earth.
4696 Spacetown Barrier Riots.
???? Fire at the Los Angeles factories.
???? Berlin R-smashing.
???? Shanghai anti-robot riots.
4698 Fastolfe develops "intersectional analysis".
4702 Elijah Baley meets Jessie Navodny.
4703 Elijah Baley married.
???? Giskard is reprogrammed by Vasilia
4705 Bentley Baley born on Earth.
4705 Population of Earth ~8,000,000, 000. Population of the 50 Spacer worlds ~5,500,000,000.
4705 Vasilia leaves Fastolfe
4709 Gremionis meets Vasilia.
4712 Earth sociologists conclude that the Spacers are becoming too powerful for Earth's survival.
4712 Anselm Quemot's wife dies.
4716 Elijah Baley promoted to C-5.
4718 Auroran Robotics Institute formed.
4719 Klorissa Cantoro appointed assistant to Rikaine Delmarre
4720 Daneel constructed.
4721 Roj Sarton murdered on Earth by a blaster wound to the chest.
4721 Elijah Baley meets Daneel.
4721 Daneel prevents a riot at the shoe counter.
4721 Elijah Baley meets Dr. Fastolfe.
4721 Elijah Baley solves the case of Dr Sarton's murder.
4721 Spacetown disbanded.
4721 Elijah Baley promoted to C-6
4722 Rikaine Delmarre murdered by Gladia.
4722 Elijah Baley visits Solaria and meets Daneel for a second time and Gladia for the first time.
4722 Elijah Baley solves the case of Rikaine Delmarre's murder
4722 Elijah Baley promoted to C-7
???? Earth produces a hyperwave drama based on the events of the Delmarre murder
???? Daneel consults Elijah Baley on the "mirror-image" case
4724 Gladia arrives on Aurora.
???? Zorberlon family take over Gladia's estate on Solaria .
4724 Fastolfe donates Jander Panell to Gladia's robotic household.
4724 Jander Panell ceases to function.
4724 Elijah Baley solves the Jander Panell mystery.
4724 Earth allowed to begin a second wave of Galactic colonisation.
???? Gladia marries Santirix Gremionis.
4726 Dr Fastolfe visits Earth with Giskard to encourage the immigration of Earth people.
4728 Earth begins the second wave of Galactic expansion.


  1. The date of the Sarton murder case is calculated as follows: Baley states that the city of New York had been around for at least 3000 years. As New York was renamed from New Amsterdam by the British in 1664AD this puts the Sarton murder case at or after 4664AD. Baley had met his future wife nineteen years earlier in "’02" so, if that was 4702AD, the Sarton murder case must be 4721AD.



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