Ancient -2064AD


1564 William Shakespeare born.
1616 William Shakespeare dies.
1664 New Amsterdam renamed New York.
1730 Charles Messier born.
1781 Planet Uranus discovered by William Herschel.
1781 Charles Messier publishes his first catalogue.
1812 Charles Dicken born.
1817 Charles Messier dies.
1828 Lev Tolstoy born.
1846 Planet Neptune discovered by Johann Galle.
1870 Charles Dickens dies.
1887 Joseph Schwartz born.
1909 Joseph Schwartz emigrates to America.
1910 Lev Tolstoy dies.
1914 First World War.
1920 Isaac Asimov born near Smolensk in Russia.
1930 Planet Pluto discovered.by Clyde Tombaugh
1939 Second World War.
1949 June Joseph Schwartz "transported" to the future by a freak nuclear accident.
???? Last World War.
1973 Jul 15th Destruction of the Prometheus. 28 people killed and 73 wounded.
1973 Passing of the Zittman antirocketry bill.
1974 Eldridge controls the American congress.
1974 Federal Scientific Research Investigatory Bureau established by the Stonely-Carter bill.
1976 Feb 2nd Eldridge dies.
1978 First space flight of John Harman and the New Prometheus.
1982 Susan Calvin born.
1982 Lawrence Robertson forms US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.
1986 George Weston marries Grace.
1990 Gladia Weston born.
1992 Isaac Asimov Dies
1996 "Robbie" manufactured by US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.
1998 Lefebre-Yoshida expedition to Mars takes off from Lunar Base.
1998 New York passes ordinance keeping all robots off the streets between sunset and sunrise.
1998 Susan Calvin visits the Talking Robot Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in New York.
2002 Alfred Lanning demonstrates the first mobile robot to be equipped with a voice at a Psycho-Math seminar which is attended by Susan Calvin.
2003 Susan Calvin obtains B.Sc.
2003-2007 Most world governments ban robot use on Earth other than scientific research.
2005 Fatal First Mercury Expedition launched.
???? Alfred Lanning becomes Director of Research at US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.
2007 "Robbie" dismantled.
2008 Susan Calvin obtains Ph.D. and joins US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. as robopsychologist.
2008 US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. robot production reaches three a week.
2015 Second Mercury Expedition financed by US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. and Solar Minerals.
2029 Hyper Base closed for a period of two weeks after the loss of an NS robot.
2029 US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc. enter into a contract with Consolidated Robots to solve the mathematics of the hyperspatial jump.
2029 First interstellar jump by Gregory Powell and Michael Donovan under the control of "The Brain".
???? Unsuccessful demonstration of the hyperspatial jump on H937.
2032 Stephen Byerley becomes Mayor of New York.
2033 Susan Calvin becomes Robopsychologist-in-Chief.
2037 First practical hyperatomic motor produced.
2037 Stephen Byerley becomes Regional Co-ordinater for the Northern Region.
2044 The Regions of Earth form a Federation and appoint Stephen Byerley as its first World Co-ordinater.
2048 Stephen Byerley elected for a second term as World Co-ordinater.
2052 Susan Calvin first suggests the existence of a Zeroth Law of robotics. "No robot may harm humanity or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm". The First to Third Laws would be amended accordingly.
2052 Earth population at 3.3 billion.
2057 Susan Calvin assists in the production of a series of feature articles for Interplanetary Press.
2058 Interplanetary Press circulation at 3 billion.
2058 56th edition of the Handbook of Robotics published.
2058 Susan Calvin retires from US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.
2064 Susan Calvin dies.



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