Pre-Imperial 4728AD-1GE


4728 Baleyworld founded.
4728 Elijah Baley resigns from the New York police department.
4728 Dr Fastolfe visits Dr Amadiro.
4729 Elijah Baley spends 3hrs and 25 mins in orbit about Aurora.
4729 Elijah Baley emigrates to Baleyworld.
4729 Earth and Spacer worlds sign the Earth-Spacer Treaty of Friendship where Earth agrees not to colonise any world within 20 light yrs of any Spacer world.
4730 Darrel Gremionis born.
c4742 Auroran Institute of Robotics built 50 humanoid robots.
4762 Elijah Baley dies.
4844 Gladia and Santirix visit Euterpe.
4844 Nephi Morler Senior Director of Baleyworld.
4877 Levular Mandamus born.
4885 DG Bailey born.
???? Mandamus obtains degree in Robotics at the University of Eos.
???? Vasilia begins a tour of the Spacer Worlds.
4917 Amadiro meets Mandamus.
???? Mandamus visits Earth.
???? Two batches of Auroran humanoid robots arrive on Earth.
???? Mandamus makes second visit to Earth.
c4920 Solaria "dies".
4923 Dr Hans Fastolfe dies.
4923 Daneel and Giskard joins Gladia's household .
4923 Dr Amadiro becomes the dominant influence on the Auroran council.
4923 Mandamus makes third visit to Earth.
4924 Two settler trader vessels destroyed on Solaria.
4924 Gladia visits Solaria with DG Bailey.
4924 Auroran ship destroyed on Solaria
4924 Gladia visits Baleyworld and delivers a speech the Planetary Congress
4924 Gladia reports to the Auroran council and, afterwards, is detained by Amadiro and Vasilia.
4924 Gladia visits Earth.
4924 Mandamus begins the process which results in the irradiation of Earth.
4924 Giskard "dies" after imparting mind control on Daneel.
4924 Earth's natural radiation becomes to increase as a result of the actions of Amadiro and Mandamus
5200 Colonisation of the Horsehead Nebula begins.
5224 Founding of Tyrann
5854 Tyrann begins expansionist policy within the Nebular Kingdoms.
5864 Tyrann captures Rhodia
5884 Hinrik V becomes Director of Rhodia
5894 Lingane becomes an Associated State of Tyrann
5901 Biron Farrill born on Nephelos
5903 Gilbret stumbles on a "rebellion world" within the Nebular Kingdoms
5920 Biron Farrill attends University of Earth
5922 Mysterious loss of the new, experimental Tyrannian cruiser "Tireless"
5923 Hinrik V and Artemisia visit Tyrann
5923 Sander Jonti captured by the Tyranni but escapes to Earth.
5924 Attempt on the life of Biron Farrill
5924 Gilbret dies
5924 Biron Farrill marries Artemisia
5924 Lingane loses its status of Associated State
c30,000 Settlement of Gaia
c32,500 Gaia becomes a single consciousness



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