Galactic 1GE-1FE


1 Formation of the Galactic Empire. Franken I becomes the first Emperor.
??? The War Lord, Moray, takes control of the Rigel Sector.
??? First Earth rebellion against the Empire.
??? Second Earth rebellion against the Empire.
750 Third Earth rebellion against the Empire.
771 Affret Shekt born.
772 Grew born.
787 Lord Ennius born.
792 Bel Arvarden born.
792 Arbin Maren born.
797 50,000-year-old strata from Arcturus, Sirius and Alpha Centauri reveal remains used to decipher ancient Earth language.
810 Earth Census taken. Population 20 million.
815 Bel Arvarden became the youngest person to graduate as Senior Archeologist at the University of Arcturus.
817 Earth scientists isolate the Common Fever virus.
820 Pola Shekt born on Earth.
820 Earth Census taken.
822 100,000 people die on Earth during a famine.
823 Lord Ennius appointed Procurator of Earth.
825 Affret Shekt develops the Synapsifier.
825 Journal of the Galactic Archeological Society publishes Bel Arvarden's Senior Dissertation.
??? Affret Shekt publishes an article on the Synapsifier in Physical Reviews.
??? Imperial grant given to Earth archeological expedition to be led by Bel Arvarden.
827 Galactic Empire consists of 200 million inhabited worlds and 500 quadrillion people..
36,500 827 August Joseph Schwartz "arrives" in the future from 1949AD.
827 October 12th Bel Arvardan arrives at Chica during his sight-seeing tour of Earth.
827 Bel Arvardan meets Pola Shekt.
827 Josepth Schwartz "rescued" from the Denham department store.
828 Schwartz, Arvarden and Affret and Pola Shekt avert the plan, formulated by Earth Zealots, to destroy the Galaxy.
828 Joseph Schwartz awarded the Order of the Spaceship and Sun, First Class.
828 Bel Arvarden becomes a naturalised citizen of Earth.
828 Bel Arvarden marries Pola Shekt.
828 Bel Arvarden gives an address to the Galactic Archeological Society on Trantor.
828 The Empire begins transporting soil to Earth.
10088 Campaigns of Loris VI.
c11319 Lameth works on The Origin Question.
c11350 Trantor completely covered with metal.
c11488 Kalgan becomes 'pleasure' world.
11949 Last Emperor visits Anacreon.
11986 Leskim Joranum born
11988 Hari Seldon born.
11998 Cleon I born
11999 Yugo Amaryl born
12008 Seldon begins work on psychohistory
12008 Raych Seldon born.
12020 Daneel assigns Dors Venabili the task of protecting Hari Seldon.
12020 Cleon I becomes emperor.
c12020 Seldon begins to assemble a team of encyclopedists on Trantor and begins preparations for their relocation to Terminus.
12023 Seldon, Venabili and Raych return to Dahl Sector for a social visit
12028 Daneel (Eto Demerzel) stands down as First Minister
12028 Seldon appointed First Minister
12029 Seldon survives the first assassination attempt on his life
12034 Stettin Palver born
12037 Joranum dies
12038 Seldon survives the second assassination attempt on his life
12038 Emperor Clean I assassinated
12038 Military junta assumes power on Trantor
12038 Hari Seldon resigns as First Minister
12039 Raych Seldon marries Manella Dubanqua
12041 Wanda Seldon born
12048 Venabili ceases to function
12054 Yugo Amaryl dies.
12058 Emperor Agis XIV restored to the throne
12058 Santanni uprising
12068 Gaal Dornick meets Hari Seldon.
12068 Trail of Seldon.
47,000 12068 -1 Founding of the First and Second Foundations.
12068 Hari Seldon records the crises tapes seen in the Time Vault.


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