Foundation 1FE-201FE (The Heroic Era)


1 Hari Seldon dies.
14 Yohan Lee born.
18 Salvor Hardin born on Terminus.
??? Zeonian revolt.
??? War fought between Anacreon and the Kingdom of Smyrno.
48 Nuclear accident on Planet V, Gamma Andromeda.
49 The Royal Governor of the Prefect of Anacreon assumes the title of king.
49 Population of Terminus reaches 1,000,000. 150,000 work directly on the Encyclopedia.
49 Rodric arrives on Terminus to negotiate the founding of an Anacreonian military base.
49 Lord Dorwin visits Terminus.
49 Anacreon delivers ultimatum to Terminus.
50 Hardin plots coup d'état against Board of Trustees.
50 First appearance of Hari Seldon in Time Vault who reveals the Encyclopedia to be a fraudulent project designed simply to establish the First Foundation and set it on the road to Second Empire.
50 Board of Trustees replaced by Hardin's Mayoralty.
50 Anacreon establishes military base on Terminus.
50 After a seven-day tenure, the Anacreon military base is removed from Terminus.
50 Hardin establishes the Foundation controlled Priesthood amongst the Four Kingdoms.
55 1st edition of the Encyclopedia Galactica published by the Encyclopedia Galactica Publishing Co.
64 King Lepold I of Anacreon born.
66 Verisof appointed High Priest and Ambassador to Anacreon.
77 Verisof visits Terminus.
78 King of Anacreon (father of Lepold I) killed by a needle bullet through the chest during a hunt.
78 Wienis, Prince Regent of Anacreon tries to impose a tax on Temple property.
78 Destruction of the Thessalekian Temple on Anacreon.
78 An Anacreonian merchant ship discovers a derelict Imperial battle cruiser drifting in space.
78 Lewis Bort visits Anacreon.
78 Anacreon demands the First Foundation repair the newly discovered cruiser.
79 Deputation of Action Party visit Hardin.
79 Verisof reports to Hardin.
80 Action Party demand Hardin be impeached. The motion is defeated in the City Council by 206 to 184.
80 Hardin visits eight of the larger stellar systems in the kingdom of Anacreon.
80 Hardin visits Anacreon.
80 Anacreon declares war on the Foundation.
81 King Lepold I crowned on Anacreon.
81 The Priesthood prevents the Anacreonian attack on the Foundation.
81 Wienis commits suicide.
81 The First Foundation signs Foundation Convention with all four Kingdoms of the periphery to prevent any hostile action from ever being taken against them.
81 14th Mar   Second appearance of Hari Seldon in the time vault.
104 Stannell VI dies
??? Limmar Ponyets expelled from religious training for the Priesthood.
??? Askone imprisons Eskel Gorov.
134 Limmar Ponyets arrives at Askone.
134 Limmar Ponyets meets the Grand Master of Askone to plead for the release of Eskel Gorov.
134 Limmar Ponyets turns iron to gold in a demonstration for the Grand Master of Askone.
134 Limmar Ponyets meets with Pherl in his villa and offers him the gold-making transmuter in exchange for tin.
134 Limmar Ponyets and Eskel Gorov leave Askone.
140 Ducem Barr born.
150? Three Foundation ships disappear after visiting Korell.
154 Hober Mallow and Jaim Twer arrive on Korell.
154 Hober Mallow meets Commdor Asper to arrange a trade agreement with the Foundation.
154 Hober Mallow visits Siwenna and meets Onum Barr.
154 Hober Mallow returns to Terminus.
154 Trial and acquittal of Hober Mallow.
155 Hober Mallow elected Mayor of Terminus.
155 Ankor Jael becomes Minister of Education and Propaganda.
157 Korell declares war on the First Foundation.
160 Korell unconditionally surrenders to the First Foundation.
160 Ducem Barr responsible for the death of the Viceroy of Siwenna.
165 Bel Riose born.
176 Cleon II becomes Emperor.
199 Bel Riose visits Siwenna and meets Ducem Barr.
200 Imperial scout ship captured by the First Foundation.
200 The Empire, under Bel Riose, retakes Siwenna and uses it as a base to launch an attack on the First Foundation.
201 Lathan Devers "captured" by Bel Riose.
201 Lord Brodrig joins Bel Riose as Imperial representative.
201 The First Foundation make their first attack against the Empire.
201 Brodrig and Riose recalled to Trantor.
201 "War" between the Empire and the First Foundation ends. The cost to the Foundation of 500,000 men and 500 ships.



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