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202 Siwenna becomes the first province to pass directly from the Empire's political rule to the Foundation's economic one.
203 Cleon II dies.
220 Lathan Devers dies in the slave mines.
220 Democratic Underground formed on Terminus.
240 Franssart Darrell born.
260 The Great Sack.  Emperor flees to Neotrantor.
270 The Mule born.
274 Bail Channis born.
276 Bayta Darrell born on Terminus.
290 The Mule begins his rise to power.
291 Franssart Darrell loses an arm in a spaceship crash.
294 Toran Darrell leaves Haven to study on Terminus. Met Bayta.
294 The Mule overthrows the Warlord of Kalgan.
??? Toran and Bayta marry. 
297 (Seldon's birthday) Toran and Bayta arrive on Haven.
297 Toran and Bayta visit Kalgan and, with Han Pritcher, abduct Magnifico.
297 Fifth appearance of Seldon in the Time Vault
297 The Mule captures the Foundation and totally disrupts the Seldon Plan.
297 Toran, Bayta and Ebling Mis attempt to locate the Second Foundation
298 Association of Independent Traders declare war on the Mule.
298 Bayta Darrell kills Ebling Mis.
298 The Mule forms the Union of Worlds comprising 1/10th of the Galaxy's volume and 1/15th of its population.
298-302 The Mule commissions five expeditions in search of the Second Foundation.
299 Second Foundation begins to set up the appearance of Tazenda as its home.
301 The Mule first detects Second Foundation tampering of his high officials.
302 Han Pritcher and Bail Channis lead a sixth expedition in search of the Second Foundation.
302 The Mule destroys Tazenda.
302 The Mule is adjusted to accept defeat by the Second Foundation.
305 The Mule signs a declaration of neutrality and statement of friendship with Sayshell.
307 The Mule dies.
307 The Foundation declares its independence from the Union and Worlds and reinstates free elections.
307 Han Pritcher succeeds the Mule as First Citizen and lays siege to the Foundation.
308 Foundation siege broken after the arrival of food shipments from Santanni.
309 Preem Palver born.
331 Kol Benjoam born.
343 Toran Darell II born.
347 Pelleas Anthor born.
351 Preem Palver becomes First Speaker.
356 Homir Munn has a romantic encounter with Unimara.
356 Toran Darell II marries.
358 Toran Darell II visits Trantor in order to find the Second Foundation.
360 Kol Benjoam becomes First Speaker.
362 11th May. Arkady Darell born on Trantor.
365 Arkady Darell's mother dies.
365 Arkady Darell taken to Terminus by her father.
365 Toran Darrell II begins collaboration with Kleise.
370 Toran Darrell II ends collaboration with Kleise.
370 Foundation begins mentallic shield development.
376 Admiral Stettin declares himself First Citizen of the Union.
376 Arkady Darell visits Kalgan with Homir Munn.
376 Kalgan conduct "war games" on the border with the Foundation.
376 Arkady Darell escapes Kalgan.
376 Start of the Stettinian War
376 Foundation squadron trapped and wiped out in the Ifni sector.  Only the Ebling Mis escapes.
377 Battle of Quoriston.
377 Stettinian War ends.
377 Homir Munn returns to Terminus as Mediator Extraordinary.
377 Dr Toran Darrell and Elvett Semic develop the Mind Static device.
377 Pelleas Anthor convinces the Foundation that the Second Foundation is on Terminus.
378 50 members of the Second Foundation exiled to Zoranel.
378 Preem Palver instigates the Corps of Observers.
436 Harla Branno born.
439 Harla Branno taken to Kalgan on holiday.
443 1st June. Arkady Darell dies.
444 Littoral Thoobing born.
446 Janov Pelorat born.
453 Mitza Lizalor born.
461 Janov Pelorat becomes interested in history.
464 Munn Li Compor born.
466 Golan Trevize born.
468 Janov Pelorat begins his study of the "Origin Question".
468 Stor Gendibal born.
473 Suranoviremblastiran born.
475 Blissenobiarella born.
478 Stor Gendibal recruited by the Second Foundation.
480 Quindor Shandess become First Speaker.
483 Stor Gendibal enters Trantor's Galactic University.
483 Liono Kodell becomes Foundation Director of Security.
491 Golan Trevize begins a two-year tour in the Foundation Navy.
491 Littoral Thoobing appointed Ambassador to Sayshell Planet.
493 Harlo Branno becomes Mayor of Terminus.
497 Golan Trevize and Munn Li Compor elected to the Foundation Council.
497 Foundation council decide not to move the Foundation capitol closer to the centre of the Foundation Federation
498 Eighth Seldon Crisis correctly predicted that there would be internal debate on moving the Foundation capitol.
498 Golan Trevize arrested and exiled from Terminus.
498 Stor Gendibal impeached by the Table.
498 Gaia maneuvers Golan Trevize, Stor Gendibal and Harla Branno to the vicinity of Gaia.
498 Golan Trevize decides for Galaxia.
498 Foundation and Sayshell sign a commercial treaty.
498 Munn Li Compor returns to Terminus.
498 Stor Gendibal becomes First Speaker
499 Trevize, together with Pelorat and Bliss, begin their search for Earth
Trevize visits Comporellon
Trevize visits the ancient Spacer worlds Aurora and Solaria
Bliss rescues Fallom from Solaria
Trevize visits the ancient Spacer world Melpomenia
Trevize visits Alpha
Trevize meets R. Daneel
c500 7,000,000 members of the Foundation Federation represented by a House of Worlds.
1000 Formation of the New Federated Empire.
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