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Glossary of Vehicles


Arcadia VII.  Transport ship used on the route between Santanni and Anacreon.

BaytaVehicle used by Toran and Bayta Darrell on their trip to Kalgan and, later, on their flight from Haven to Trantor.

Bloodsucker.   2-man Tyrannian vessel transported Gilbret back to Rhodia after the coronation of the Khan of Tyrann.  Hit by a small meteor which killed the crew although the Bloodsucker remained intact.

FS Bright Star.   Sister-ship of the FS Far Star.

Borealis. Auroran ship sent to intercept the trader vessel taking Giskard to Earth and covertly deliver Amadiro and Mandamus.

Cluster.  Part of the Mule's fleet commanded by Lieutenant General Sammin.

Dark Nebula. The first ship to encounter an Empire-supplied Korellian battle cruiser.

Ebling Mis. Ship of the Foundation navy that was the sole survivor of the Kalganian attack in the Ifni sector.

Far Star. Trader vessel of Hober Mallow.

FS Far Star.   Foundation 3-man pocket cruiser named for Hober Mallow's cruiser.

Fearless. Headed a Kalganian squadron which destroyed the Hober Mallow and began the Stettinian War.

Hober Mallow. Foundation cruiser destroyed by a Kalganian squadron headed by the Fearless which led to the start of the Stettinian War.

New Prometheus. Successor to the Prometheus and flown by John Harman on the first space flight. The journey lasted just 36-hours.

Ophiuchus. Vessel used by Bel Arvarden to transport his archeological team to Earth in 827GE.

Parsec. Used for the first unsuccessful test of the hyperspatial jump.

Prometheus. The first space vehicle ever built. Constructed by John Harman over a period of ten years. Destroyed during launch on its first test.

Red Dwarf.  Spaceship that took Toran and Bayta Darrell to Haven after they married.

Remorseless.   Personal cruiser of Simok Aratap.   Stolen by Biron Farrill during a visit to Rhodia.

(c)1997 Slawek WojtowiczStarlet. An Imperial scout ship of Bel Riose's fleet that was captured by Traders of the First Foundation.

Tireless.   New, experimental cruiser of the Tyrannian Navy. reported lost after reporting a strange, large mass nearby.

Unimara.  Sports-cruiser of Homir Munn named after a previous romantic episode in Munn's life.  Used by Munn on his trip to Kalgan when Arkady Darrell stowed away on board.

(c)1997 Dave BowdenWienis. Flagship of the Anacreonian Navy under the command of Prince Lefkin. Two miles long, and originally a battle cruiser of the Imperial Navy, it was discovered floating derelict by a merchant ship ,repaired by the First Foundation and, despite protestations from the Board of Navigation on Terminus, was presented to the Anacreonian Navy. The ship was due to lead the Anacreonian attack on the Foundation but was taken over by Theo Aporat before it could complete its task.


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