Glossary of Worlds



Tyrann.  1099th world settled by Man in 5224AD. Ruler of 50 worlds in the Nebular Kingdoms.  500 light years from Earth. A world with a barren landscape which is largely desert due to a planetary water dearth. Ruled by a Khan. Forbade scientific research and space navigation within the Nebular Kingdoms in order to maintain control of its subject worlds.

UranusUranus.  Large gas giant in orbit about the planet Sol.   Discovered by William Herschel in 1781AD.


Vega. Exporter of metal and tobacco to Terminus.

VenusVenus.  Planet orbiting the star Sol.  Similar in size to the planet Earth but totally uninhabitable.


Vincetori.   World on the standard route of travel between Kalgan and Tazenda.

Voreg.  World close to Anacreon.

Wanda. Temporary Imperial headquarters during the battle between the Empire and the First Foundation.


Zeon. Planet in the Anacreonian kingdom.

Zoranel. Planet to which 50 members of the Second Foundation, including Pelleas Anthor, was exiled in 378FE.



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