History of Trantor

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The Final Integration of Trantor


Trantor, at the encounter with Gaia, existed as a hierarchy derived of the Second Foundation, with a free peasantry as was typical of many worlds during the time of the Interregnum. By the 5th century F.E., all of Trantor, save Streeling, was farm land, and produced the highest quality of grain. After the Gaian encounter, Trantor established links with the Foundation, as a result of the Foundation's great sphere. This had already begun before the Gaian encounter, and was well advanced after the Seldon Crisis of the Moved Capital issue.

Trantor underwent a new wave of settlement in the 7th century F.E. The Foundation now encompassed the majority of the galaxy and now felt up to the task of making a new home world for humanity. Driven by economical restraint, the new settlers had a hard task certain to last generations had not the new advances in artificial intelligence afforded by the Foundation's many centuries of ultra-miniaturisation made ultra-sub-electronic circuits possible. Settlers went to ground for almost a year before any progress was made, and power for the immense task was run off the gravity of the Universe, as harnessed by gravitic motors. Trantor, under Mind-link computer renovation, became once more a city, level by level, sector by sector. The Hamish soon became aware of these activities and left their farms to take a hand in reclaiming their birthright. Trantor's ground level was formally complete by 712 F.E.

By 829 F.E., Dahl was reached, and excavated. Trantor had by now regained much of its former glory. The seat of the Foundation Judicial Capital was at Trantor, while the Executive Capital was at Terminus. Trantor was basically the administrative hub of the Imperial Foundation. The Imperial Foundation controlled a volume consisting of 87% of the inhabited regions of the Galaxy. Trantor was ruled by the Darrell dynasty, who were by then heritaged judges of the Imperium. The dynasty, by popular demand, renamed themselves the Antuns, in 867 F.E. In 989 F.E. or 1 New Galactic Era, the Imperial Foundation moved its executive Capital to the Imperial palace at Trantor. Judge Arcadia XXII was crowned Empress Arcadia the First in state on 1 N.G.E. Trantor resumed its title as The Seat of Empire, and was once more the centre of the Galaxy.

The Second Foundation continued its silent maintenance of the Empire, as the Faculty of Psychological Sciences at Streeling. Still, it remained drowned in silence, but it was no longer a small, weak body trying to bend wills of one commissioner, as in the days of Seldon. It was now the silent partner of the Empire. In 1000 F.E., the Second Foundation revealed itself as the Psychohistorical Department of the Faculty of Psychological sciences. Only when Emperor Daluben XVI noted its worth, did all suspicion disappear. The people of the New Empire now knew that the Second Foundation was the gift of Seldon's Heritage to the Galaxy, and no longer feared any wars.


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