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Encyclopedia Galactica


Characters Contains a glossary of characters who have made an impact in the events of Galactic history.  There is also a separate section containing a list of all the (known) Galactic Emperors Characters
Galactography Contains a glossary of worlds, stars and regions within the bounds of the New Galactic Empire.  Included in this section is information on navigation and star charts. Galactography
Psychohistory Explanations of the meaning and workings of psychohistory Psychohistory
Robotics Contains a glossary of robots including many of the early Earth-designed robots.  There is also an explanation of the Three Laws along with selected modifications Robotics
Sociology Contains details of significant battles and historical sporting endeavours Sociology
Space Travel Contains a glossary of renowned space vehicles including details of their workings and the science of spaceflight. Space Travel
Timeline A chronological view of history from 1564AD up to the present day Timeline
Chimerical The Chimerical section contains information that has been provided to the EG but has yet to be independently verified Chimerical

All non-verifiable data contained within the EG is shown in grey text.   If you know of, or can provide, verification to this data the EG would be most grateful.  Also, if you could fill the void left in the Galactic historical records then, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Encyclopedia Galactica
117th Edition

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