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Encyclopedia Galactica

Galactic Novels

Sources for the Encyclopedia Galactica are taken from, in Galactic-chronological order:

Novels included in the glossaries Novels in preparation for inclusion
Trends (1939)
I,Robot (1950)
The Rest Of The Robots (1964)
The Caves of Steel (1954)
The Naked Sun (1957)
The Robots Of Dawn (1983)
Robots and Empire (1985)
The Currents of Space (1952)
Pebble in the Sky (1958)
The Stars Like Dust (1955)
Prelude To Foundation (1988)
Forward The Foundation (1993)
Foundation (1951)
Foundation and Empire (1952)
Second Foundation (1953)
Foundation's Edge (1982)
Foundation And Earth (1986)


Order of reading?

There has been much talk, particularly on alt.books.isaac-asimov, as to the correct order to read the Galactic novels.  For what it's worth I'd just like to add my twopen'th to the debate.

There are really three ways to read the novels:

  1. Galactic chronological order (i.e. the order in the list above)
  2. The order they were written.
  3. The order in which you find them.

I originally read them in order 3.  I generally re-read them in order 1. I would, however, recommend that they be read in the order they were written for three reasons:


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