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Not surprisingly, in Isaac's 48,000 year history, there are huge gaps.  It's now time for the Encyclopedia Galactica to fill in those gaps. And who better to do so than the fans themselves; the people who know Isaac's style and have an intimate knowledge of the workings of the Foundation history

Be aware though, this is an awesome undertaking which will require much debate.  That is where the mailing list comes in.

Through the workings of the mailing list, fans can mull over the missing events in history and judge what Isaac would have included if only he had had the time to complete his work.

I will act as adjudicator, collecting all the ideas and publishing them in the Encyclopedia.  I will also try to act as a stimulant, broaching questions as necessary although, I'm sure, once the list is in full swing, everyone will be stimulating everyone else.

You must, yourself, have a thousand unanswered questions and twice as many answers.  For instance:

What happened to Trevize after he left Daneel?  Did he finally reverse his decision and decide against Galaxia?

When did Daneel leave Gladia?  How did he manage to control events in the galaxy in order to bring Gaia and psychohistory into being?   When did he take up residence on the Moon?

How did the Brotherhood come into being?  When did the Sixty start on Earth?

How does the Second Foundation fit into the New Empire?   Are they the Masters?

After Earth began its second wave of colonisation, what happend to all the Spacers? We know Aurora died and the Solarians hid themselves but what happened to all the others?  For that matter, what are the names of the fifty Spacer worlds?

The Chimerical section already contains some speculation about the remaining years of the Interegnum, excepting these as facts, how did they come about?

Who invented the neuronic whip? And How?

What happened during the first two Earth rebellions against the Empire?

What did the Earth government do after it discovered that the Earth was becoming more radioactive?

That should be enough to start you thinking.  Don't be shy about contributing - every opinion would be valued.  All contributers will be credited for the work they put in.

So please, the Encyclopedia needs your help.   Humanity needs your help. 

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