Glossary of Characters



Walensky. Electrician on Hyper Base.

Walto, Dokor. Member of the Action Party.

Warlord of Kalgan.  Overthrown by the Mule in 297FE.  Became the Mule's Viceroy on Terminus after he was converted.

Weston, George. Employee of US Robots & Mechanical Men, Inc.

Weston, Gloria. (1990-)  Daughter of George and Grace Weston.

Weston, Grace. Wife of George Weston.

Widemos, Rancher of.   Greatest nobleman on Nephelos and father of Biron Farrill.  Acted as an agent for Hinrik V in an organised rebellion against the Tyranni. Executed by the Tyranni in 5923AD after being betrayed by Sander Jonti.

Wienis. Prince Regent on Anacreon. Uncle to King Lepold I. Engineered the abortive attack on the First Foundation which led to the non-aggression treaties, known as the Foundation Convention, signed by the First Foundation and the Four Kingdoms. Committed suicide in 81FE.

Wilde, Austin.   Robotical Engineer of US Robots and Mechanical Men who unsuccessfully analysed the remains of the disinto built by robot AL-76.

Willig. Member of the Democratic Underground on Terminus, converted by the Mule.

Winstead, Howard. Police Sergeant responsible for crowd control during the launch of the Prometheus.

Wiscard. Viceroy of Siwenna. Overthrown by rebel forces of which Onum Barr was a minor leader.

Yariff, HumbalLivian historian who was ridiculed as a result of his attempt to locate the planet of origin of the human species by indirect means.  Due to the inaccuracy of his dating methods, his "origin" turned out to be Trantor.

Yume. Commander in Bel Riose's Imperial fleet.

Zenow, Las.  (12008GE-)   Chief Librarian at the Imperial Library on Trantor.  Retired in 12058GE and returned to his home world of Wencory.



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